How Did Black Diamond Reduce prototyping costs

How Can I Reduce Costs With In-House 3D Printing?

It’s time to say goodbye to expensive and time-intensive outsourcing of large-scale 3D printed parts. With the Form 3L, a cost-effective large-format 3D printer, you can bring your biggest ideas to life in-house at an unprecedented price point.

Get out customer story and learn how:

  • In-house prototyping can improve your development process by reducing turnaround times and costs
  • The Form 3L will provide you with intuitive workflow and more cohesive design process
  • Black Diamond, a sports equipment manufacturer, successfully leveraged the Form 3L for their in-house prototyping
  • Download today to learn how Black Diamond, a sports equipment manufacturer, dropped outsourcing and started successfully prototyping large-scale.
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Cut your costs with in-house 3D printing vs. outsourcing


Businesses can expand their use of additive manufacturing by turning to large-format 3D printing. To produce larger parts, many currently turn to outsourcing. However, outsourcing 3D printing can be time-consuming and costly. In this eBook, we look at how in-house large-format 3D printing with the Form 3L stacks up against other methods of production, mainly outsourcing and using FDM printers.

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Save Time and Labour Costs: ROI of The Form 3L


In-house 3D printing is becoming increasingly more popular amongst companies, it can bring full-size prototyping in-house at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing techniques. The high-quality prints and no need for outsourcing reduce time spent prototyping.

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