Preparing to Re-Open with 3D Printed PPE

Decluttering the information around 3d printed ppe in preparation for going back to work.

Decluttering the information surrounding 3D Printed PPE

There’s been a lot of progress and evolution in a short time with 3D printed PPE. As a result, confusing and conflicting info is all over the Internet. There’s a need to declutter the information so here is a quick guide on the most frequently requested PPE. As the economy ramps back up, be sure to have the right gear for your employees. Here, we’ll highlight the most common requests, how to get them and how much they cost.

Flat Packed Face Shields

Give your essential staff added peace of mind with Canadian Manufactured PPE Face Shields. These face shields are made entirely with PETG and can be completely sanitized for reuse with IPA and are made to fit a variety of head sizes and can accommodate goggles and face masks being worn underneath. They are secured with slot and hook application and removal and are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Visit the product page for more info.


The Workplace Visor

During our work with, We received many requests from non-HealthCare industries looking to protect their staff. Due to the limited availability of the CovidStop visors we could only help supply healthcare. Now, we have commercially available visors for individuals and businesses in preparation for the re-opening of businesses to support safety in the workplace.

You can purchase these in packs of 10 and 100 here. They Ship flat, and come fully assembled. These are fully stocked and ready to ship within Canada.

Visit the product page for more info.


The CovidStop Visor

The Covidstop Visor comes in packages of 50, including a frame, strap and clear visor. Takes approximately 1 minute per frame to assemble requiring no tools.

Intended to provide a stopgap solution for our frontline health workers until commercial visors can be mass produced. Individuals from all over Canada assist in printing frames to provide our health workers free of charge.

If you’re a health worker, hospital or on the front lines. You can order these for free. For businesses and individuals please read on! Visit for more details.

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The Earsaver

The Covidstop EAR SAVER comes in packages of 50. This elegant strap allows your cloth mask to hook behind your neck instead of your ears.

Wearing a mask for a long time day after day can get hard on your ears. These straps redistributes the strain from the back of your ears to the back of your neck which is much more sustainable and comfortable. It’s slightly adjustable with multiple connection points.

If you’re a health worker, hospital or on the front lines. You can order these for free. This is a project.

Visit for more details.

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The Bellus3D Custom Frame

Bellus 3D has developed a method to customize a frame to better fit surgical masks to your unique face geometry via Iphone scanning. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to print these specifically from the dental sector.

Please visit For more information on the process.

  1. Once you have followed Bellus' instructions
  2. Submit your stl to our “upload print”
  3. Indicate your method of sterilization
  4. Receive a quote + timeline estimate
  5. Accept, print, and have your part shipped or picked up (curbside)

Material options:

  • PLA - Will not survive heat based sterilization, but least expensive.
  • CPE+ Can withstand 130C - Chemical resistant
  • Surgical Guide - Autoclavable. Soluble to IPA
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Fully Custom TPU Mask

3D printing is also great for fully customizing parts. We can also create fully custom masks printed in Flexible TPU that fits exactly to your face geometry for maximum comfort for long time usage. With an insert, you can reuse small sections of N95 material.

TPU95A has been tested to be autoclavable with the lower temperature setting.

Individuals have successfully got the masks N95 tested and approved. But each mask is custom, so you will need to ensure that your individual mask passes inspection with your filter material.


  • We will require a scan of your face as shown
  • Design fee required to customize masks
  • We only suggest this for extreme cases of long term wear
Submit Your .STL Scan Consult an Expert

The VacMask

The VacMask is the low cost alternative to the above methods. It uses a Vacuum formed mold to reduce printing time and costs, but still has the advantages of replaceable filter material.

These have one generic size so they will fit everyone slightly differently. (but in our experience fits, most people air tight)

Available for a limited time. Made of HIPS Vacuum formed sheet + PLA Clamp. Elastic not included.

You can order just the vac Mold and print your own Couplers.

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Special Projects

Test Kits, Ventilator valves, Farms, and other special projects? Reach out to us if you have special request. Or visit our Pivot page to get an idea of what you can achieve with 3D printing technology whether it’s a farm producing thousands of swabs a day locally, or custom distributed production.

Retooling with 3D Printing
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