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EinScan-SE V2 + Einstar for 3D Scanning Objects of All Sizes

May 16, 2023

Recently, Shining3D were asked which 3D scanner can be used to scan small objects as well as big objects. One customer who has been using the EinScan SE for a long time was searching for a handheld scanner to scan objects like bumpers, covers and fenders. Another customer planned to scan small elements which are not bigger than 80mm, but also some table-sized parts.

To address these needs, Shining3D came up with an innovative solution; The EinScan pro series multifunction scanners. However for those who don't have high accuracy requirements, or those who are on a budget, why not try the new combination of EinScan-SE and EinStar? In the video below, Judy from Shining3D demonstrates how to use this ultimate pairing, and will explain which 3D Scanner is ideal for which use.

The EinScan SE
The EinScan SE is a Desktop 3D Scanner that does well when scanning small objects and comes with a turntable. However, you are also able to use a tripod, in order to meet more diverse scanning requirements.

The EinStar
The EinStar is a portable handheld 3D Scanner. Thanks to it's non-rigid algorithm and large scanning range, the EinStar can be used to scan humans or large human-sized objects. This cost-effective device is also capable of 3D Scanning objects outdoors.

For an optimal scanning experience and to ensure high data quality, Shining3D recommends using the EinScan SE  to scan smaller objects, and using the EinStar to scan larger objects. Although both of these machines can be used for large and small objects, the scan quality for smaller objects on the SE are better than on the EinStar. Likewise, the scan quality for larger objects on the EinStar are better than the SE. To demonstrate, Shining3D scanned a 1.4cm peanut to show the differences in scan quality between the two machines. 

The results are surprising! As you can see from the above images, the details of the scan on the EinScan SE are sharper and clearer than that of the EinStar. This is because the projector for the EinScan SE emits phase shift, while the EinStar's projector emits random spackle. 

However when scanning a large sculpture, the EinStar was the clear winner. In order to scan the 59cm tall sculpture, the SE needed to be put on a tripod. The sculpture was then placed on a turntable and manually turned incrementally to capture the scan frame by frame. The whole process took about 35minutes to generate 1 scan. 

Thanks to the EinStar's large scanning range of 160mm - 1400mm combined with it's scanning speed, scanning large objects is incredibly quick and easy. In as little as 3 minutes a full scan was generated, making the EinStar the ideal choice for larger objects over the EinScan SE. At the end of the demonstration, Judy used the EinStar to scan a person and was able to generate a full body scan in only 4 minutes. 

Ultimately, the EinScan SE and the EinStar are complimentary devices. The SE's ability to scan small objects in high detail, paired with the high scan speed and resolution of large scanned objects with the EinStar, makes the EinScan SE and EinStar Bundle the solution you are looking for! 

From now until June 30, the EinScan SE + EinStar Bundle is on sale for only $2590! That's over $270 in savings! Hurry and get yours while supplies last!

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