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Shining3D - EinScan H2 - Hybrid LED and Infrared VCSEL Light 3D Scanner

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EinScan H2: Precision 3D Scanning with Unmatched Texture Resolution

Introducing the all-new EinScan H2, the ultimate 3D scanning tool that takes innovation to the next level! Enhancing its predecessor's capabilities, the EinScan H2 boasts a cutting-edge 5MP resolution color camera, delivering unparalleled clarity and stunning visual appeal. Experience unrivaled precision and accuracy with its advanced VCSEL projectors, ensuring life-like textures that will elevate your creations to new heights. Whether you're dealing with intricate details or vast expanses, the EinScan H2's wide scanning area and adjustable working distance effortlessly cater to any scene or object. Level up your workflow and unlock limitless potential with this efficient, must-have companion for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Embrace the future of 3D scanning with the extraordinary EinScan H2!

Please Note: The EinScan H2 requires a Computer with a NVIDIA Graphics Card for use.
Technical Specs
White Light Scan Mode:
  • Light Source: White LED Light, Visible
  • Scan Accuracy: Up to 0.05mm
  • Volumetric Accuracy: 0.05mm+0.1mm/m
  • Point Distance: 0.2mm-3mm
  • Best Working Distance: 470mm
  • Effective Working Range: 200mm-700mm
  • Maximum FOV: 420mm x 440mm
  • Scan Speed: 1,200,000points/s
  • Texture Resolution: 5MP
  • Align Modes: Markers/Feature/Hybrid/Texture
  • Safety: LED light (eye-safe)
Other Specs:
  • Built-In Colour Camera: Yes
  • Texture Scan: Yes
  • Software Included: EXScanH (Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition)
  • Output Formats: OBJ/STL/ASC/PLY/P3/3MF
  • Size: 108mm x 110mm x 237mm
  • Scanner Body Weight: 731.1g
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Operating Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 90% RH
  • Certifications: CE/FCC/ROHS/WEEE/KC
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Input Voltage: DC:12V,5.0A
IR (Infrared) Scan Mode:
  • Light Source: Infrared VCSEL Light, Invisible
  • Scan Accuracy: Up to 0.15mm
  • Volumetric Accuracy: 0.15mm+0.3mm/m
  • Point Distance: 0.2mm-3mm
  • Best Working Distance: 470mm
  • Effective Working Range: 200mm-1500mm
  • Maximum FOV: 780mm x 900mm
  • Scan Speed: 1,060,000points/s
  • Texture Resolution: 5MP
  • Align Modes: Feature/Hybrid/Texture/Global
  • Safety: CLASS I (eye-safe)
Whats Included:
  • Carrying Case with Trolley Handle
  • Shining3D EinScan H2 Handheld 3D Scanner
  • Power Source
  • EinScan H2 Quick Start Guide
  • Adapter Cable
  • Wire Cable Trimmers (x4)
  • Scanning Software on a USB Flash Drive
  • 6mm Reflective Markers
  • Calibration Board & Position Paper
Scanned Images

Reverse Engineering and Manufacturing by SHINING 3D on Sketchfab


Optimized for Face and Body 3D Scanning

Flashless infrared technology
  • Ensures optimal comfort during face and body 3D scanning.
Advanced hair enhancement algorithm
  • Designed to successfully capture light and dark hair.
Non-rigid algorithm in IR Mode
  • Captures 3D body data quickly and seamlessly, with auto-compensation of slight movements to eliminate misalignment risks.
A Comparison between a human 3d face scan, and the actual human's face

3D Scan of a race car frame

Ultra-wide FOV and Adjustable Working Distance

Adjustable working distance
  • Enables working distance adjustment from 200mm to 1500mm, to adapt to narrow or wide scenes and objects of various sizes.
FOV (Field of View) up to 780mm x 900mm
  • Offers flexibility in scanning volume to capture large-sized objects quickly.
Marker-free scanning
  • Scans rich geometric features without the hassle of markers.

Hybrid Light Source

The dual light source greatly improves scanning efficiency. LED light provides fast scanning with accurate and high quality data for professionals.

  • Able to scan various objects from small to large

Infrared VCSEL enables non-rigid algorithm for human scans and various scanning environments.

  • Able to scan dark colour objects
  • Able to safely scan the Human body
  • Able to Scan Outdoors
A Collection of screens showing 3D scanning software, with some 3D scanned objects on display in front

Woman admiring her 3D Print of a 3D Scan of herself

The Next Level of 3D Scanning

Photorealistic Texture: 5MP Texture Camera
  • Capture rich, bright color and clean texture 3D model on a photorealistic level.
Superior Environmental Adaptability: 3 VCSEL Projectors
  • Provide superior material and lighting adaptability, effortlessly handling various surface types and scanning environments.
User-Friendly Design: Remarkable Scanning Software & Ergonomic Design
  • Delivers a professional easy-to-use 3D scanning interface with automated processing, intuitive UI design, and intelligent data quality indicators.
  • The EinScan H2 is portable, easy to grasp, and intuitive to operate.
A Comparison of the EinScan H Series Lineup

EinScan H2 EinScan HX EinScan H
Light Source White LED Light/Infrared VCSEL Light Blue LED/7 Blue Laser Crosses Whiite Light/Infrared Light
Point Distance 0.2mm - 3mm Rapid Scan: 0.25mm - 3mm
Laser Scan: 0.05mm-3mm
0.25mm - 3mm/0.5mm - 3mm
Working Distance 200mm - 700mm 470mm 470mm
Align Modes Texture/Feature/Hybrid/Marker/Global Feature/Markers/Texture/Hybrid Markers/Feature/Hybrid/Texture
Output Formats OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF OBJ, STL, PLY, P3, 3MF
Scanner Weight 731.1 g 710g 703g
Full Colour Texture Scan YES YES
(Rapid Scan Only)
Outdoor Scan YES NO NO
Price (CAD) $6,850 $13,000 $6,500
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Highly Efficient 3D Scanning

Processing speed of the EinScan H2 in White Light Scan Mode is up to 1,200,000 points/s. This makes the EinScan H2 ideal for use in projects involving reverse engineering, CAD/CAM, and 3D printing etc.

Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source
Thanks to the Hybrid LED & Infrared Light source technology, The EinScan H2 is able to integrate LED structured light and invisible infrared light into one device and adds advanced smart presets in different scan modes.

Scan Faster than Ever Before
The latest development in data capture hardware and optimized algorithms make the next-generation EinScan H2 series a dramatic breakthrough in scanning speed and processing. Process up to 1,200,000 points per second in White Light Mode.

Portable & User-friendly Design
With a lightweight and compact size, you can easily take the EinScan H2 anywhere, just like your laptop! Enjoy plug-and-play installation and a limitless scanning experience, at your fingertips.

What if I want to scan dark, reflective objects?

The EinScan H2 has been designed to accurately capture scans of dark and/or reflective objects, without the need to spray your object with a 3D matte spray or tracking markers.

How does this 3D Scanner compare to Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry (while able to produce decent results with just software and any camera available) still has a few flaws. There are many variables which can affect the accuracy of your scan including camera lens distortion, settings, lighting and shadows. With the EinScan H2, everything is self contained within the unit. It projects it's own light and allows for the use of HDR mode to vastly simplify the setup and repeatability of your scans. To learn more, check out the Einscan Pro 2X 2020 Vs. Photogrammetry blog post!

How does Meshing work?

Once you are happy with the point cloud data, you can delete the points you don't need with an intuitive lasso tool right inside the scan program. You are then able to process the point cloud into a water tight mesh. Everything is automated with custom controls, allowing for the production of usable high resolution meshes with ease and predictability. Speak to our Scanning experts to see if the H2 is the right scanner for you.

Why Choose EinScan From Shining3D?

A collage of all the Fields of study the EinScan H2 is useful for; Healthcare & Forensic, Cultural Heritage, Digital Art, Design, and Education.
User Friendly and Highly Detailed

Every scan generates a mesh of high-quality 3D data, allowing you to reconstruct the real geometry of any object with fine details. The EinScan H2 utilizes a visible white light when scanning in White Light Scan Mode, and an invisible Infrared VCSEL Light in IR mode.

Easy Operation, Faster Scanning
One-click scanning makes your life easy, with automatic calibration and no rigid set-up required. The EinScan H2 is able to process up to 1,200,000 points per second in IR Scan Mode.

Compatible with 3D Printers
The Einscan H2 is able to auto mesh 3D data meaning you get water-tight prints every time! You can also seamlessly connect to a variety of 3D printers once you provide API access for your machine.

One Click Upload for Online File Saving and Data Sharing
This machine allows for support of third-party data sharing platforms in order to access the cloud service. This allows the benefit of one-click uploads for online file archiving or data sharing.

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