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Formlabs FormX - Colouring Kit

December 06, 2017

People have been hoping for a wider range of colours when it comes to their resins and Formlabs has answered.

Form Labs FormX: Experimental Applications, has come up with a kit to allow users to change the colours of their resins.  In the kit, you will receive 5 pigment bottles (CYMKW), a Resin Base Cartridge and a Recipe book for which ratios to mix to achieve the desired colour.

This is the first integrated colour mixing solution for stereolithography and enables you to print in 16 colours without having to manually finish and paint your pieces.

You are also able to check if any of your custom colour wants are achievable on their website here.

If you scroll down to the 'Color Kit' section, you will see the 16 set colours they have available to you. By selecting custom, you will be able to move the dot to the colour you desire and it will show you the closest achievable color.


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