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Introducing 3D Printing ASMR

April 01, 2022 is founded on giving Canadians access to the best 3D printing supplies, support and resources. A key part of that value has been our 3D printing showrooms in Mississauga and Vancouver, which allow users to come into a location and get up close and personal with our products.

In 2021 we launched the Virtual Showroom Tours as an effort to connect with our customers in other parts of the country, and to provide them with a similar experience to our in-person showroom. This guided tour continues to provide an immersive experience that really lets you get to know the printers.

Today we are taking the experience even further. How can we offer the 3D printing showroom experience to everyone visiting our website? The answer is to bring the sounds of the showroom to you.

Introducing 3D Printing ASMR. Our first album of 3D printing sounds so you can experience the sounds of 3D printing, scanning and even opening a spool of filament! Finally: the immersive shopping experience you've been waiting for.

Listen to the Spotify Playlist:

Unable to use Spotify? Play the audio below:

  • Intro
  • Spool Unwrapped
  • (F)using the Sift / Get Sifty
  • Ultimatum
  • Forms of SLA Part II
  • Sparkles ASMR Short

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