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Introducing The Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former

September 24, 2018

Introducing The Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former -

3D Printing is great for prototyping but it is not always the end step of a project. Mayku's formbox is here to take you further. 

The FormBox puts the power of making in your hands. Powered by any vacuum cleaner, it works with a world of materials and helps you to make your ideas real. Whether you’re crafting by hand or partnering with your 3D printer, the FormBox is your very own desktop production line.

 Mayku Formbox - Vacuum Former

How it works

  1. Insert your material and lift the trays up to the heater to start warming up your material.
  2. Place your design on the bed.
  3. Heat the material until you see it start to become soft and malleable.
  4. Pull the trays down softly over your design - the vacuum will switch on automatically to create your very first form.


The Mayku Formbox has a 200x200mm forming area & 130mm draw depth, 1000W ceramic heater that reaches temperatures of 160-340 °C and can handle materials from 0.5mm to 1.5mm in thickness. 

Find out all the details and specs after the jump!

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