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Rapid + TCT 2022

May 24, 2022

Rapid + TCT is North America’s largest and most influential Additive Manufacturing event. This year the event featured 400+ exhibiting companies including Ultimaker, Formlabs, Raise3D, BASF and BCN3D. There were also keynote presentations, thought leadership panel discussions, new product previews, networking and so much more! Co-Founder and CEO Ken Wan made his way over to Detroit and came back with tons of great insight into what is new and upcoming for Additive Manufacturing! Here are some of the highlights from his time there!

Day 1

Here we go!

After a long drive, the event has started and Ken is ready to go!

Old friends at Ultimaker!

Ken posing with an old friend, Luis Rodriguez, Ultimaker AE

Amazing highlights from UM booth

Metal BASF Hammer and Robot Gripper displayed at Ultimaker booth.

Markforged Booth

The new Markforged FX20 is bigger than Ken! Markforged also had some sample prints at their booth featuring 3D Printed Mill Shanks and Grippers.

Shining UE Pro Professional Scanner

Looks like EinScan is raising the bar once again when it comes to 3D Scanning technology! Think we should carry it?

Raise3D Metalfuse Forge 1

Raise3D's Forge 1 brings metal printing to the consumers! Ken pictured with John Wu, VP


Wow! The Raise3D RMF500 is an incredible machine with a massive print head! Check out the picture on the right (Water bottle for scale).

BCN3D + VLM Tech

The BCN3D booth featured some great items! BCN3D showcased their VLM support material, as well as the Epsilon W50 and some amazing looking Prints at their booth!

Formlabs Form Wash/Cure L

Formlabs gave us a good look at large format post-processing up close! The new Wash L and Cure L from Formlabs has changed the game for large scale resin washing/curing!

Mosaic Array + Element

Ken & Mitch pose for a picture as Mosaic Manufacturing shows off their new innovations! The Mosaic Array and the Mosaic Element are amazing machines!

Party Time!

After being on your feet for hours, it's always great to take a short break to relax. Guests were treated to refreshments and a live band! It's Party Time!

Fortis 3D Filaments

Wayne Lam from Fortis 3D happily shows off their filaments near the end of the day!

Windsor & Detroit Landscape

Amazing scenery from Rapid+TCT of the Detroit skyline.

Day 2

New Water-Soluble solutions from AquaSys

Today we start fresh by looking at some new Water Soluble Support materials from AquaSys.

Magigoo Drywise

Magigoo showed off their new drying station, the Magigoo Drywise and a neat display stand for their products!

Pantheon Speed

Ken had a chance to speak with Casey Wong and Alex Wiecke from Pantheon at their booth, and got a good look at the Pantheon Speed 3D printer. These printers are designed to be 5x faster than traditional 3D printers!

Day 3


Massivit flexed on the competition with a MASSIVE booth to match their MASSIVE printer, the Massivit 5000

Polymaker Specialty Filaments

Polymaker had a great display showcasing their filaments and some sample prints.


Ken also made a quick stop at the Prusa booth, and got a good look at some of their machines!

After seeing all the amazing and innovative displays from the manufacturers, Ken had a long drive back home. Luckily he made it back in one piece. Keep an eye out for Ken at next years Rapid event! 

Inspired by the Tech at Rapid+TCT? Give us a call to talk about your applications & ideas! 905-501-8558

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