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The World's First 3D Printable Website

April 01, 2019

Update: Due to technical limitations, the 3D printable website is no longer the direction we will be going in. April fools! We'll keep the link up, in case you want to download the file and find the easter egg.

At we're always looking for the leading edge of technology. We've seen 3D printing offer ways to reduce costs, speed up production and freely customize in a variety of industries but what is next to be disrupted? Today we are proud to announce our newest innovation: the world's first 3D printable website.


100% Uptime

With a 3D printed website, you don't have to worry about downtime. No 404s, the site is always available!

Guaranteed Security & Privacy

No internet connection means your online shopping security is guaranteed! No cookie collection, no tracking, no suspiciously accurate facebook ads after visiting.

Device-Free Viewing

With standard websites, you're viewing with your phone, tablet or computer screen. With a 3D printed website, you free up that device for important things like Netflix.  

Exclusive Discounts

To support early adopters of this new experience, we're offering a coupon code exclusively on our 3D printed website. 

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