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BASF Ultrafuse 316L / 17-4PH - Processing Coupon - 1kg

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Debinding and Sintering Coupon for Ultrafuse 316L and 17-4PH Metal Filament - Valid for 1kg of Printed Parts (each 316L spool is 3kg so you will need multiple coupons).  Cost of coupon only covers debinding and sintering, all shipping, brokerage and taxes are excluded.
Special Notes:  This coupon is pre-payment for a limited service purchased and executed with DSH Technologies LLC.  Successfully sintered parts are not guaranteed success due to many factors including high shrinkage rates (~20%) and stresses on shrinking metal, fragility of green parts, shipping damage and/or incompatible geometries.  For best chances of success, please consult with a Shop3D Technical Representative prior to purchase and printing to ensure you adhere to all design and technical standards for 316L.  Some trial and error is to be expected if this is your first time running through this process.  Customer is responsible for ensuring no contamination of prints is present prior to sintering (contamination includes adhesion aid residue, etc).  Any shipping damage is the responsibility of the courier and appropriate insurance should be purchase to mitigate risk.  Valid only for BASF 316L Stainless filament prints.
After you order your Ultrafuse 316L filament and 3D print your green parts, you will need to send those parts out for processing as this process can't be done in-house. DSH Technologies is a verified and experienced post-processing facility qualified by BASF. This processing coupon covers the debinding and sintering services of DSH along with a complete report of your parts at each step. Green parts must be 1kg or less or you will need an additional coupon.
  • Within a short period after the purchase of the coupon, our team will send you a follow-up email with the code, packaging instructions and a form.
    • Processing codes only cover the services of DSH, you will need a Fedex or UPS account in order to ship your parts to DSH and get them back, if you don't have those, contact us.
  • Packages must include the filled out form and the code provided.
    • Write the code on the box itself in large writing
    • Also, include the code on the form
  • Package each of your parts individually so that they don't knock within the box, or against each other
  • Green parts are processed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month
  • Your parts must arrive the Friday prior to the processing day in order to be included in the batch
  • The parts will ship back on the Friday of the processing week

Example month of DSH processing schedule


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