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Art Program Terms and Conditions

Application Process:

Application for the Artist Program must be done via the web page located at A complete submission is required to qualify. A complete submission includes answers to all the mandatory questions as well as a valid .stl file which is required for 3D printing. Your file and model will be checked for errors and completeness as well as printability.  We will follow up with you if it is unprintable or corrupted for you to re-submit the file.

Print settings determination: reserves the right to choose specific settings, the printer to be used, print medium and well as the completion date for the submitted print.  If the print is too difficult or not set up properly for 3D printing, reserves the right to cancel the print and either ask for a resubmission or a cancellation on the print project.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Preference of submission will be given to Canadian submissions.
  • Preference will be given to pieces that are unique in design and how the model may benefit from the novel use of 3D printing.
  • Submissions must be wholly created by the artist and be an original art concept
  • Projects will be selected bi-weekly/monthly depending on availability of our 3D Printing Fleet
  • Artists that do not have their designs selected are welcome to resubmit every 2 weeks for consideration
  • Preference will be given to finished models but great ideas or unfinished concepts can be pitched to us for acceptance at a later date


The artist program allows the artist who has an accepted submission to a free 3D Print of your model including free shipping to you.  Should the artist request additional prints made, this can be done for an additional fee.  We will also provide a high-resolution photoshoot for your finished print on a clean neutral background.  That artist will be featured on our social media channels along with your finished print and a short description of your project, inspiration and/or a short biography. 


The Artist Agrees to allow to publish the finished 3D Prints with a photo and description of work and artist on the social media channels and website promotion including but not limited to website pages, social media channels, banner ads and in print such as flyers, banners, advertisements and trade show displays.  The finished 3D print maybe displayed in one of’s showroom or at a trade show with the artists’ credit. The artist retains copyright of their digital work. will not share the file with 3rd parties unless permission is given by artist. will not sell or in other ways monetize on the artists work by direct sales or reproductions. will not reproduce additional prints beyond the agreed upon amount unless otherwise permitted except in the instance that the Shop3D display print has been damaged and requires repair or reprinting as a replacement.