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Bambu Lab Desiccant - For AMS (Automatic Material System)

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Bambu Lab Desiccant for the Automatic Material System (AMS)

This is a 6-pack Dessicant to keep filaments dry with the Bambu Lab AMS System.

Technical Specs
  • Working Life: One month (2 packs)
  • Material: Cacl2
  • Package Weight: 175g
  • Colour: White
  • Package Size: 100 x 135 x 45mm
What's Included
  • Desiccant (x6)

How to check if the Desiccant needs to be Replaced

When new, the desiccant will be a white powder. When the desiccant packs absorb moisture, they will gradually turn into a yellow paste. The desiccant needs to be changed when the entire pack is yellow because it loses the ability to keep the filament dry. It is also recommend to re-dry filament at this point. Please check if the desiccant needs to be replaced every 2 weeks. Learn more about the replacement of the desiccant on Bambu Lab Wiki.

Bambu Lab Desiccant for AMS System

User Guide

  • Please take 2 to 3 new desiccant packs, remove the plastic film from the desiccant, install it in the designated location for the AMS.
  • Close the AMS cover to help keep your filament dry. Please ensure that the locking tabs on the AMS are closed to insulate the AMS from external air.

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