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Bambu Lab - PLA CMYK Lithophane Bundle

Product SKU: A00-CMYK-1.75-4000-spl

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Create Beautiful Lithophane 3D Prints

Bambu Lab offers a PLA CMYK filament bundle for crafting colored lithophanes. This bundle includes cyan, magenta, yellow, and white filament spools. Lithophanes are 3D images visible when light shines through translucent material, creating a stained glass-like effect with colored filament. Bambu Lab recommends using Lithophane Maker to convert image files to STLs and provides guidance in their Wiki.

  1. Upload your favourite JPG image to Lithophane Maker and configure
  2. Create STL files and download
  3. Set up in Bambu Studio and slice
  4. Load filaments into corresponding AMS slot and print!

Bring Colours To Your Lithophane

Make Them Into 3D Pieces of Art

Printing Tips:

  • Smaller nozzle sizes and lower layer heights are essential to achieve better printing results. We suggest using 0.2mm or 0.4mm nozzle sizes and layer heights between 0.08mm and 0.12mm. Check CMYK Lithophane Printing Guide on Wiki.
  • Due to the limitations of printing layers and resolution, there may be some color deviation between the actual image and the lithophane prints.
  • To prevent warping, the recommended heated bed temperature is between 45-50℃.

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