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BASF | Ultrafuse® ABS Fusion+ Filament - 750gr.

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Filament Diameter
BASF Material is proudly produced in Europe
BASF | Ultrafuse® ABS Fusion+ Filament

BASF Ultrafuse ABS Fusion⁺ made with Polyscope XILOY™ 3D is an engineering filament which has been optimized for 3D-printing. This special grade has been developed in collaboration with Polyscope Polymers, an expert in enhancing polymer behavior with Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA). Polyscope is renowned for its material solutions in the automotive industry.  ABS is a thermoplastic which is used in many applications. Although ABS has been classified as a standard material in 3D-printing it used to be very challenging to process, until now. We managed to develop an ABS grade which can be directly printed on glass without any fluids or tape and has a higher success rate of prints due to extreme low warping. ABS Fusion⁺ is the only ABS which is compatible with water-soluble support.

Technical Specs
  • 750 gr. spools with 2.85mm diameter
Print Settings
  • ABS preset (Ultimaker)
  • 240C - 260C
  • 40-80mm/s
  • Bed temp: 100C
  • Bed adhesion: Clean glass or Dimafix
  • Fan speed 0% (super important)
  • Enclosure/filter/ventilation required Test Notes

We've tested a large variety of ABS materials throughout the years and only a few have been user friendly enough for us to carry in our product lineupABS Fusion+ restores our faith in the material by addressing most of the problems commonly associated with ABS.  ABS Fusion+ from BASF Ultrafuse® is how ABS printing was meant to be.

 Layer splitting is finally a symptom of the past when previous ABS prints tend to split along layer lines which is caused by bad inter-layer adhesion and warping forces. ABS Fusion+ changes all that by virtually eliminating the warping forces. With similar warping properties as PLA, Fusion is much more dimensionally stable, predictable and durable along layer lines as a result. This also means that printing large parts in ABS will no longer result in peeled up edges but supports will still be easy to remove.

 Another factor playing into ABS Fusion's user friendliness is its ability to stick to heated glass beds without additives. You can print directly onto the bed as you do with PLA and it will happily stick and stay flat. No more ABS slurry and esoteric rituals to get your ABS parts to adhere. What is even more astonishing is how ABS Fusion+ sticks to PVA supports. While other ABS's were limited to HIPs or same material supports, ABS Fusion can now print with PVA supports on the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S3, and Ultimaker S5 which greatly expands it's usefulness and ease of use.

 In terms of mechanical properties, it is very similar to standard ABS with much more toughness and impact resistance than PLA. It is slightly softer than PLA but with much better heat resistance. ABS has been favored in the past not just for it's mechanical properties, but also it's elegant matte finish compared to the 'shiny plastic' look of most other materials. ABS prints look and feel slightly more 'premium and clean' due to it's matte finish.

 ABS Fusion is still ABS, and smells like ABS when printed. The odor is much stronger when compared to Ultimaker ABS and we recommend printing only in an enclosed printer or in a well ventilated area.

 We have not tested acetone smoothing yet, but it should work. Please e-mail us if you attempt this with success or failure so we can update this posting.

 ABS printing has been an exercise in frustration for a long time, but with ABS fusion+ the majority of inherent ABS problems have been solved and we are happy to offer it as the most user-friendly ABS material available.

PLA is a non-toxic, sustainable plastic that is perfect for printing within classrooms and indoor areas due to it's low melting temperature and non warping characteristics.
Printing Profiles

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BASF provides you with a large range of printing profiles for their materials based on different well-known printer manufacturers like Ultimaker, Raise3D and BCN3D

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