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BASF | Ultrafuse® Professional Series PRO1 High Speed PLA Filament

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Filament Diameter
BASF Material is proudly produced in Europe

BASF | Ultrafuse® PRO1 1.75 & 2.85mm Filament

BASF Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 is a special PLA  (Polylactic Acid) compound with increased mechanical properties (Tough PLA). PLA PRO1 offers professionals a solution that enables them to make functional parts without the hassle of tinkering with settings. It is a fast, strong and impact resistant standard material suitable for all desktop FFF printers. It is a perfect material for prototyping and has been developed to withstand high stress or strain.

Technical Specs
  • 210-220C

  • 60C bed temperature
  • Clean Glass - no additives
  • Fan @ 100%
    Pro1 comes well labeled with printing temperature recommendations, we've tested those settings and are quite satisfied with the results, so we suggest you follow them too! There are multiple settings for different purposes.
    *Special note - Because it sticks well onto glass plates, it is great for printing small footprint objects. However, for large objects we recommend you level the plate a little bit further than normal for an easier time to get the print off. If you are unsuccessful in getting a large print off, put the plate in the freezer.
    Shop3D Notes:
    It allows for super-fast printing at 150mm/s. We've tested this and it is possible and even quite reliable on the Ultimaker. It outperforms ABS in many ISO tests for strength yet feels familiar. (like ABS, Pro1 is much tougher than PLA).
    This is exciting because it prints far better and easier than ABS as well. So there is virtually no reason at all to choose ABS when Pro1 is available. The operating temperature range is fairly wide so even if your settings are off by 10-15 degrees you will still achieve consistent prints. Another great thing about pro1 is the adhesion to a clean heated glass bed is extremely strong. There is no additional adhesion needed to run this material, and in some cases it may stick TOO well. This a stark contrast to ABS which continuously wants to lift off the plate. Lastly, due to the temperature range being quite wide and the performance being consistent, the colour of the filament doesn't affect the overall print as much as other filament colours tend to do. What you get in silver will be just as good in white (this is a rare thing in filaments).
    Pro1 is an extremely versatile filament, capable of producing parts either fast, strong, or with great surface quality. You can achieve all of these with one filament, so businesses and enthusiasts can optimize their workflows, save on cost, and simplify their filament solutions by standardizing on Pro1.
    We've tested pro1 extensively and HIGHLY recommend it. It is no doubt the next generation in printing filaments as it improves so much of the traditional materials with almost no tradeoffs.

    Introducing BASF 3D Printing Solutions Professional line of filaments.  The first filament in the series is a truly innovative formula that is made with the demands of professional engineers in mind.  A single filament that can either be printed 3x faster than regular filaments or fine-tuned for quality in one spool.  With polymer characteristics that are stronger and more robust than ABS but without the unappealing side effects of warping and hazardous fumes while printing.  This filament is a revolutionary development in material science for FFF printers.  No gimmicks, this filament was made to perform in the most demanding environment where time and performance is the primary consideration.

    BASF Ultrafuse Pro1 Material is a very exciting entry into the 3D printing market. It provides a very unique set of capabilities not offered by other materials. Aimed at the professional market, pro1 aims to be the ONE material you need for your professional needs.

    BASF 3D Printing Solutions is a high-quality filament manufacturer also based in the Netherlands.  These are 750 gr. spools with 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter.  Works with any printer that requires 1.75mm or 2.85mm filament.

    Case Studies:

    There are many cost-effective ways to keep your home cool during the summer, but the most efficient of the bunch is installing heat-blocking or thermal curtains. One Raise3D customer had this issue, and came up with a unique solution.

    Printing Profiles

    To print the best possible way with BASF filaments

    BASF provides you with a large range of printing profiles for their materials based on different well-known printer manufacturers like Ultimaker, Raise3D and BCN3D

    View Printing Profiles Here

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