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Formlabs Build Platform 2

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Formlabs Build Platform 2
Build Platform 2 with patented Quick Release Technology allows you to quickly and easily release parts from the build platform without tools in seconds. Build Platform 2 eliminates risk of damaging your part and streamlines your workflow.
Printer compatibility: Form 3+, Form 3B+, Form 3, Form 3B, Form 2 Build Platform 2 is certified biocompatible.
  • Instant, Damage-Free Part Removal
    • Build Platform 2 has a flexible print surface that instantly releases parts, eliminating the risk of damaging parts using traditional removal tools.
      • Compatible With All Formlabs Materials
        • Build Platform 2 is compatible with all Formlabs materials, including biocompatible resins*.
      • Stainless steel print Surface
    • Build Platform 2 is built with a gouge-free, stainless steel print surface ensuring robust, long-term durability.
Build Platform 2 has a flexible print surface that instantly releases parts without the need for removal tools. Build Platform 2 releases all parts on the print surface simultaneously, saving you valuable post-processing time.
  • Parts printed directly to the build platform
  • Batch production parts
  • Strong, stiff, large parts
Compare Build Platforms

Compare Build Platforms

Build Platform 2 Build Platform Stainless Steel Build Platform
Quick Release Technology
Stainless Steel Print Surface
Compatible With Form Wash
Compatible With All Formlabs Resins* is now one of Formlabs gold partners

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