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Formlabs Fuse Depowdering Kit


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This affordable, all-in-one manual post-processing kit allows you to easily clean SLS parts, and recover, sift, and mix used powder to prepare for the next print. Easily switch between materials without the hassle of cleaning machinery or gain access to a complete Fuse SLS ecosystem for low-volume production at an affordable price point.


Fuse Build Chamber Lower Handle

The Fuse Build Chamber Lower Handle is an optional accessory for added safety and convenience. This handle provides a better grip on the Fuse Build Chamber, allowing users to hold and manipulate it securely significantly easing the process of tipping the build chamber into the Fuse Depowdering Kit. It can be easily attached to the lower half of the build chamber using a hex wrench.

Sifter 300 Sieve

After part extraction with Fuse Depowdering Kit, the unsintered powder is funneled into the sifter provided. This 300-micro sieve filters out chunks or debris to keep the powder clean, while allowing powder flow with Nylon 11 CF Powder. The reclaimed powder can then be stored in a cartridge for the next print. This is required for use with Nylon 11 CF Powder only (other SLS powders are compatible with the 150-micro sieve provided with Fuse Depowdering Kit.

Sifter 150 Sieve

After part extraction with Fuse Depowdering Kit, the unsintered powder is funneled into the sifter provided. This 150-micro sieve filters out chunks or debris to keep the powder clean while allowing powder flow. The reclaimed powder can then be stored in a cartridge for the next print. This accessory is provided with Fuse Depowdering Kit and is compatible for use with all Formlabs SLS powders except Nylon 11 CF Powder (Fuse Depowdering Kit Sifter 300 Sieve is required for use with Nylon 11 CF Powder).

Will the Fuse Depowdering Kit be compatible with all Formlabs SLS Powders?

Fuse Depowdering Kit can be used with any Formlabs SLS powder. For users who print with Nylon 11 CF Powder, it's important to note that the Fuse Depowdering Kit Sifter 300 Sieve is required to ensure the powder flows smoothly during the sifting process. This additional accessory can be purchased separately

Can I use Fuse Depowdering Kit with different powders or do I need one per powder?

Although it is possible to clean the Fuse Depowdering Kit if you are using different SLS powders, we recommend using one kit per material to reduce downtime and streamline the experience, especially if you anticipate frequent switching between different powders. Having a dedicated kit for each specific powder will ensure that there is no cross-contamination between materials and streamline the depowdering process during material changes.

How much more labor-intensive is Fuse Depowdering Kit compared to the Fuse Sift

The Fuse Depowdering Kit is more labor-intensive than Fuse Sift. With the Fuse Depowdering Kit, the reclaiming process may take a little more time as it involves manually extracting the cake, as well as manually sifting, measuring, pouring, and mixing powder. On the other hand, the Fuse Sift automates this process, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive, as well as eliminating the guesswork involved in reclaiming unused powder. Fuse Sift also provides a contained environment with negative air pressure to limit powder spread during the process.

Will I get the same results with the Fuse Depowdering Kit as with the Fuse Sift?

While the Fuse Sift automates the process of removing the powder cake, sifting, dosing, and mixing powder, both options yield similar professional quality parts. Your choice between them will depend on budget, workflow, and production needs

Do I need a separate circuit for the sifter?

To ensure optimal performance and avoid potential electrical interference, use separate circuits for the Sifter and the Fuse printer.

What PPE should I wear when using the Depowdering Kit? Is any provided?

Please refer to the safety data sheet of the specific SLS powder being used for guidelines on safety and recommended PPE. Each material may have its own set of safety precautions and equipment requirements. Nitrile gloves are provided as part of the Fuse Depowdering Kit itself. While Formlabs' SLS powders are not considered hazardous, taking precautions and using optional PPE can help ensure a clean working environment and more efficient workflow, such as nitrile gloves and lab coats while handling SLS powders and cleaning parts

What are the requirements for the working environment, specifically concerning air flow?

Fuse Depowdering Kit is suitable for use in workshops or studio environments. There are no specific requirements for air flow or ventilation when using this product. We recommended using this product on a flat surface away from electronics vulnerable to potential powder dispersion. Additionally, the kit requires proximity to a powder source for the sifter and vacuum operations.

Is it suitable for any part?

Fuse Depowdering Kit allows you to clean any type of parts printed on the Fuse Series printers, regardless of part size or geometry.

Does Fuse Depowdering Kit include or require a vacuum cleaner?

The Fuse Depowdering Kit does not include a vacuum cleaner. Buyers can either purchase the Formlabs vacuum cleaner separately or purchase their own vacuum cleaner that is compliant with local regulations. A vacuum cleaner is required to clean Fuse Series printers and any powder that may accumulate around the Fuse Depowdering Kit during the cleaning process.

What is the Build Chamber Lower Handle?

The lower build chamber handle is an inexpensive accessory that can be purchased separately and that can be attached by the user to the lower half of the build chamber using a hex wrench. It makes it easier to tip the build chamber over into the Fuse Depowdering Kit, but it is not required.

Will the Fuse Depowdering Kit be supported by the Fuse warranty and support plan?

Yes, the Fuse Depowdering Kit, along with all its accessories, including the Sifter, will be covered by any Fuse service plan in the event of a malfunction or technical issue

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