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Formlabs Precision Model Resin Cartridge ( 1 Liter OEM ) - Form 4

Product SKU: RS-C2-PMBE-01

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This product is exclusively for use with the Formlabs Form 4

Formlabs Precision Model Resin Cartridge ( 1 Liter OEM ) - Form 4

Precision Model Resin is a high-accuracy material for creating restorative models with >99% of printed surface area within 100 μm of the digital model. Create beautiful models with crisp margin lines thanks to high opacity, beige color, and a smooth, matte finish to capture fine details.

Precision Model Resin is a new material that leverages the Form 4 ecosystem to print three times as fast as previous formulations of Model Resin.

Precision Model Resin is ideal for:
  • Restorative models
  • Implant models
  • Crown fit test models
  • Removable die models is now one of Formlabs gold partners

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