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Formlabs Form 3 Pro Service Plan (PSP)

Product SKU: SVC-PP-12


Premium 3D Printing Support, Made For Busy Professionals

The Formlabs Form 3 Pro Service Plan (PSP) includes personalized onboarding video training, hot swap replacements, and the best support in the industry.

Customized Training Session

When buying a 3D printer, we know there's a lot to learn. Pro Service Plan includes a 60-minute training for the Form 3 or a 90-minute training for the Form 3L. Join our experts for personalized live onboarding training online or in person at Formlabs HQ in Boston, MA, or Berlin, Germany to get your team up and running smoothly. Our training will get you up to speed as quickly as possible by helping your team to master the tools necessary to stay ahead. 

We tailor our training topics to be relevant to your applications. From print preparation in PreForm to printer maintenance and post-processing, the Pro Service Plan training covers the most essential aspects of working with the Formlabs ecosystem of products. Send your 3D models ahead of the training and your trainer will talk in detail about how to maximize your print success.

To make the most of the training, set up your printer and do a test print or two before booking your training. Not sure where to begin? Start with our Quick Start Guide and the butterfly test print that’s already loaded into our PreForm software. When you are ready for your training, Consider inviting several colleagues to the training and recording the session to review or share afterward.

Priority Phone Support in Your Language

As a Pro Service Plan customer, you now have a direct line to Formlabs' multilingual experts (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish) who are here to help you one-on-one. Give Formlabs or a call Monday through Friday. 9 am - 6 pm ET and CET.

Send us an email and your Pro Service Plan will get you to the front of the line for support. Ask about anything from print preparation and post-processing to printer maintenance, and receive helpful responses, sometimes including short video tutorials, within half a business day.

Hot Swap Replacement Printer

We know that for many businesses, it’s crucial to reliably plan 3D printing processes and schedules, keeping production downtime to a minimum.

Should your printer stop working, we’ll help to get you back up and running as fast as possible through troubleshooting support or sending a Hot Swap replacement. The Pro Service team will provide detailed instructions by phone or email and, in many cases, you’ll be able to fix issues on-site.

In some cases, the printer needs to be returned to our repair center to resolve a hardware issue. With Hot Swap, we’ll send you a replacement machine to keep, so that you can start printing again within minimal downtime. This allows service plan customers to cut downtime without a 3D printer by 85% on average.

Pro Service Plan

Warranty for the Duration of the Plan

The Pro Service Plan extends the one-year warranty included with your printer to the full duration of the chosen plan. This means that if something goes wrong after the first year of your printer's lifespan, it’ll still be covered under warranty. Take the worry out of planning for the future and cover your printers with up to a three year warranty with our service plans. is now one of Formlabs gold partners

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