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Magigoo PA - 3D Printing Adhesive

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The 3D printing adhesive for Polyamide (nylon)

Magigoo PA is designed for professional use, to work exclusively with Polyamide filaments. The part should be relatively easy to remove once it cools and the glue residue should also be easily cleaned off.


PA (polyamide) describes a group of polymers with an amide repeat unit. Generally in the FDM industry there are 3 main types of PA which include PA12, PA66 and PA6.

Sometimes these materials can be either grafted with other polymers or else reinforced with glass or carbon fibers. Generally, nylons exhibit high strength, toughness, elasticity, wear resistance, chemical resistance and thermal resistance and are widely sought in various industrial applications.

Nylon filaments prove to be challenging materials for FDM printing due to their lower adhesion to conventional 3D-printing build surfaces and their higher tendency to warp. Furthermore there are several classes of PA filaments each behaving differently.

MAGIGOO-PA is a specialized solution for FDM printing of PA filaments which was developed to work with a wide number of PA types.

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    Magigoo Pro PA Compatibility
    • XSTRAND (TM) GF30-PA by Owens Corning
    • BASF PAHT CF15
    • DSM Novamid 1030, 1030CF, 1070
    • Clariant PA6/66 GF20 FR, Clariant PA6/66 FR
    • Matterhackers Nylon Pro, Nylon X, Nylon G
    • Polymaker PolyMide (TM) CoPA, PolyMide (TM) PA6-CF
    • DuPont Zytel
    • 3DXTech CarbonX™ CF-PA
    • Lehvoss PA HT
    • Taulman Bridge
    • Fiber Three F3 PA Pure Lite and Pure Pro
    • and others

    Table of Compatibility

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