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Raise3D Premium PPA CF Filament - 1.75mm (1kg)

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Raise3D Industrial PPA CF Filament 1.75mm

This filament is compatible with Raise3D Industrial PPA Support Filament.


Raise3D Industrial PPA CF Filament is a carbon fiber-reinforced composite filament material based on PPA (polyphthalamide or high-performance/high-temperature Nylon). Thanks to its high-performance Nylon matrix, this composite filament has superior mechanical and thermal properties when compared to other Nylon filaments. With well-controlled dispersion and length distribution of chopped carbon fibers (15 wt.%), PPA CF has a lower density, lower moisture absorption, high strength and rigidity, high wear and creep resistance, and excellent chemical and heat resistance. It is promising for end-use applications in the automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronics (E&E) industries.

  • High rigidity and strength
  • Better thermal performance
  • Lower moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical and electronics (E&E) industry
  • Industrial end-use parts
Material Performance


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Print settings, printer set up and notes
  • Extruder temp: 290-310C
  • Bed temp: 65-80C
  • Print speed: 30 - 210mm/s depending on the printer
  • Cooling fan: Off
  • Abrasion resistant nozzle recommended
  • Dry filament for 4-6 hours at 80-100C and let cool to room temperature before printing
  • It is recommended to anneal your parts to get the best material properties. We recommend putting the parts in for 6-8 hours and 80C and let cool to room temperature. 
  • Annealing
  • Anneal for 8-12 hours at 80-100C and let the parts cool down to room temperature naturally. 
  • If you're using same material supports, make sure to remove those before annealing as the support and part can adhere to each other permanently. 
  • If using PACF support material, leave it on. 

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