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Shop3D Select 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Plan On-Site [GTA only]

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* Repairs not included * 
Ultimaker 3D printers are known for their reliability, high uptime and print quality. Like any other machine, this equipment requires maintenance to prolong machine life and effective operation.
This plan includes a comprehensive on-site visit by an Ultimaker Certified Technician up to twice a year to service and maintain equipment. 
What are some of the key metrics for a production machine and why is a PM plan important? 
These are the key metrics when talking about a production machine: 
  1. Quality - are the parts passing all quality checks? 
  2. Uptime - what percentage of time is the machine idle or down due to issues versus the scheduled production time? (ex. if it was scheduled for 24 hours, how many of those hours are spent actually producing parts?)
  3. Throughput - Is the machine meeting or exceeding the expected number of parts it needs to be making? (e.x if the machine is expected to make 100 parts per hour, is it actually making that many parts?) 

These metrics combined make up the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). There are many factors that may affect the performance of a machine. Preventative maintenance is perhaps one of the most looked over activities out of all while being the most simple. Some examples of other factors include operator procedure, program set up, material movement, and more. 

A PM schedule performed by a trained operator or technician can save tons of precious hours of unplanned downtime. As part of this plan, our Shop3D technician will perform the following maintenance activities: 

  • Cleaning of the machine
  • Greasing and oiling of motion system components
  • Replacement of Bowden tubes at least once a year
  • Replacement of all belts at least once a year
  • Bed levelling and print bed condition evaluation
  • Comprehensive feeder and nozzle service

In addition, a full diagnostic test lasting between 1-2 hours per printer during this session will provide the necessary information to be proactive about replacing parts, and detecting slight issues before it is too late. During this discovery stage, the technician may recommend replacing parts that are not part of the maintenance plan. The parts and labour will be discounted at 10%, and 15%, respectively. 

This plan also includes training and a simpler PM schedule to do on a more frequent basis by the end-user.

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