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Silicone Repair Mat

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Soldering Mat, 932˚F (500˚C) Heat Insulation Silicone Repair Mat with Scale Ruler and Screw Position for Soldering Iron 17.7*11.8 inch

Multi-purpose Magnetic Electronics Repair Pad for Welding and Soldering Station with Ruler and Screw Notches

Spurtar Insulated Silicone Soldering Mat also called a silicon pad is a great solution to protect your workbench from the super-heated tip of a soldering iron while soldering or disassembling electronics. Keeping your workspace clean and well-kept has always been paramount for keeping all your possessions well-maintained and pristine.

High-temperature resistance

The soldering mat heat resistance feature can insulate up to 932˚F (500˚C), which protects the maintained platform from being burned.

Anti-scratch, soft and durable

A soldering mat is a temporary workstation that protects your bench from any possible damage from overheating, scratches, or other damage.

Non-toxic silicone

The soldering mat comprises a food-grade silicone material. That's why a soldering mat lasts in extreme temperatures and you can roll or squeeze it in tight spaces.

Easy Maintain & Store

The softness of silicone material makes it ideal to maintain and store. Just wash it with water and roll the mat to store. Very convenient and space-saving.

Parts Box to store the items

With the mat, you will have a 3-part box for small losable parts which helps you store away key components easily. These are highly useful in the classification of various small parts, and let you enjoy a tidy working environment.

Ultra thick 7 mm thickness

This mat is of considerable thickness and comfortable for long repair sessions. This factor is not just for an additional height for your pad. It is also necessary for suppressing static charges and avoiding heating the surface underneath.

Magnetic sections keep parts in place

Magnetic area is one of the most commonly used repair tool areas, prevents items from falling, and gives you an easy-to-grasp. It helps you collect screws in a separate space away from the main work area.

Magnetic Properties

This large silicone soldering mat also solves the problem of losing small screws and capacitors because of the pad’s magnetic properties securing them.

However, the soldering mat has a different magnetic enhancement that focuses on one place. This attribute helps you collect screws of the same kind in a separate space away from your main working area.

A strong magnetic section secluded in the corner that won’t harm your electronics, and an area where you can keep your screwdrivers or soldering irons.

Now, of course, this will help your screws and equipment to stay where you want to put them.

Product Details
  • High-temperature resistance 932˚F (500˚C)
  • 1 Larger working area
  • 124 + 42 screw storage position
  • Multiple tool parts storage areas
  • 3 Parts boxes
  • Built-in scale ruler 0-36 cm | 0-14”
  • 11 screwdriver storage holes
  • 4 magnetic areas

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