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PrintDry Smart Vacuum Filament Containers

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Please Note: This item comes with a USB charger. In order to charge from an outlet, A 5V1A usb wall charger will need to be purchased separately.
PrintDry is proud to announce their newest filament storage solution - a SMART solution! 
With a built-in vacuum pump and a rechargeable battery, this filament container can be vacuum sealed by pushing ONE button. No more manual pumps. More importantly, PrintDry has also integrated a re-sealing sensor inside, which constantly monitors the vacuum level and will automatically activate the vacuum pump once the vacuum level drops. This prevents leakage over an extended period of time. Now you can store your filament easily without worrying about the leaks.
Technical Specs
  • 5V DC Power Supply
  • 225mm in diameter
  • 300mm high
  • Weight of 1kg
Additional Features
  • LED Indicator
  • Transparent window
  • One Touch sealing
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Automatic Resealing
  • Fits up to 3 Spools
Excess moisture in filament leads to defects in 3D printing. If some of your prints look like the pictures below, this may be due to water content built-up in the filament. In the past 5 years, PrintDry has been providing solutions to dry and store filament.
wet prints demonstration image
PrintDry's current vacuum filament container uses a hand pump to create a vacuum. It's done manually but it works. However, it doesn't know if there is leakage which will compromise the seal over time. As a result, the filament will absorb moisture slowly which can affect your print. So PrintDry came up with their own smart vacuum filament container.
PrintDry's journey infographic

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