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Snapmaker Ray 40W Laser Engraver & Cutter

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The Enclosure is included with this bundle and will ship in a separate box. We recommend adding a ventilation and filtration solution such as the Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier

This Laser is marked with cBACLus certification which is accepted by all electrical authorities in Canada. Certification here


Cutting-edge laser beam combining technology.

40W Laser Module delivers superb performance with the most cutting-edge laser beam splitter and beam shaping optics.

Strong cutting capabilities.

Empowered by 40W output power.

Achieve cleaner cuts with Air Assist.

  • Air gets pumped in.
  • Blow the fumes away and prevent charring.
  • Keep the laser lens clean.
  • Fumes get channeled out through the grid table.

400mm × 600mm.

You can realize big projects like maps, furniture models, and door signs. Ray can be raised up with cylindrical foot, enabling you to work with a laser job as thick as 160mm.

Industrial-grade Linear Rails.

Support work speed up to 500mm/s and long-lasting operation.

500mm/s Max. Work Speed.

Compatible with LightBurn.

Support features like serial connection, movement control, and G-code generation. Access full sets of recommended parameters for common laser materials in LightBurn.

1000+ laser vectors in Luban.

Luban provides an extensive library of preset templates, including common patterns, shapes, and icons, for you to come up with a design in minutes.

Laser Class 1 safety certified by FDA.

The Enclosure panels made with brown acrylic are specially designed to shield you from the laser hazards. The embedded door-detection sensor lets Ray automatically stop the laser job when the door is opened.

Dust isolation.

Turn on the exhaust fan to cast off all the smoke and dust. You can further connect it with our Air Purifier to filter harmful chemicals.

Laser focusing made easy with quick swap.

In just three steps, you can easily finish the calibration.

Rotary engraving.

The upcoming Rotary Module can work on more daily life objects in the shape of ring, cone, sphere, or cylinder, etc.

Technical specifications


  • Laser Output Power: 40W
  • Laser Electric Power: 140W
  • Machine Power (Enclosure excl.) 215W
  • Maximum Thickness of One-pass Cutting15mm Basswood Plywood
  • Maximum Work Speed500mm/s
  • Maximum Cutting Speed:20mm/s
  • Laser Spot Dimensions: 0.1mm × 0.15mm
  • Laser Type: 450 - 460nm Semi-conductor


  • Weight (Enclosure excl.):15.06kg
  • Dimensions (Enclosure excl.): 849mm × 600mm × 303mm
  • Dimensions (Enclosure):933mm × 665mm × 417mm
  • Maximum Workpiece Height:160mm (with two sets of cylindrical feet)
  • Work Area:400mm × 600mm

Supported Materials

  • Engraving Materials: Basswood, Pinewood, Plywood, Beech, Walnut, Bamboo, MDF, Painted Metal, Tinplate, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Dark Glass, Slate, Brick, Ceramic, Jade, Marble, Shale, Leather, Fabric, Canvas, Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Dark Acrylic (Blue excluded)
  • Cutting Materials:Basswood, Pinewood, Plywood, Beech, Walnut, Bamboo, MDF, Leather, Fabric, Canvas, Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Dark Acrylic (Blue excluded), Stainless Steel (0.1mm)


  • Supported Design File: STL, SVG, JPEG, PNG, JPG, BMP, DXF, SNAPLZR
  • Supported Processing File: NC
  • Software: Luban, LightBurn
  • Connection: Wi-Fi, USB
In the Box

Ray 40W Lazer Cutter

  • 40W Laser Module x 1
  • Power Module x 1
  • Air Assist Pump x 1
  • Air Tube x 1
  • Cylindrical Foot x 8
  • Foot Holder x 4
  • M8 Air Tube Connector x 1
  • M5 Air Tube Connector x 1
  • Cable Tie x 2
  • X-axis Linear Module x 1
  • Y-axis Linear Module x 2
  • Cable Clip x 14
  • Quick-swap Toolhead Bracket x 1
  • Cable Collector x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Toolhead Cable x 1
  • Right Linear Module Connector x 1
  • Left Linear Module Connector x 1
  • Foot Connector x 2
  • Wi-Fi Antenna x 1
  • Safety Key x 2
  • Laser Engraving and Cutting Platform x 1
  • AC Power Cable x 1
  • microSD Card x 1
  • Basswood Plywood x 1
  • Laser Safety Goggles x 1
  • Cotton Swab x 5
  • Laser Lens Protector x 1
  • M5 × 12 Screw x 36
  • M5 × 16 Screw x 5
  • H3.0 Hex Key x 1
  • microSD Card Reader x 1
  • Foot x 4

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