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UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager

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Improved air quality, safer workplace

The UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager ensures a safer working environment, providing a closed, inside-out airflow for the UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D printer. It filters up to 95% of all ultrafine particles (UFPs) emitted during 3D printing and forms a safe, physical barrier to the print area.

What's Included
  • UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager (UltiMaker 2+ Connect Sold Separately)
  •    EPA filter
  •    Dome
  •    Connector bracket
  • Clear front door
  • UM port connector

More materials, less hassle

Optimized software profiles precisely control filtering for every UltiMaker material and over 40 third-party filaments. So you can focus on creating the perfect 3D printed part with any material you choose. No worries about UFPs, and no extra time configuring your printer.

Key features
  • EPA filter: Removes up to 95% of UFPs
  • Controlled extraction: Inside-out airflow optimized for filtering and print quality
  • Enhanced safety: Physical barrier prevents reaching inside the printer
  • Optimized for your application: Detects material being used and adjusts airflow
  • Easy setup: Printer detects when the Air Manager is connected

3D print more materials with greater peace of mind

If you thought that the UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager was just a cover for the UltiMaker 2+ Connect... think again!

This seamlessly integrated device efficiently solves any in-house air quality concerns you may have.

What difference does the UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager make to air quality? Independent researchers found that it removes up to 95% of all ultrafine particles.

While we're proud of that result, it does more than simply check a health and safety box, and more than avoid the need for extra workplace ventilation.

It gives you the confidence and peace of mind to choose materials without compromise. So now you can create the parts and models your business needs, with the mechanical properties your applications demand – knowing that any air-quality risk is dealt with.

So how does it work?

Sssh! We're filtering...

The UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager's features a quiet 140 mm (5.5 inch) fan. This has been optimally positioned to create an inside-out airflow, which pulls the maximum volume of air through a high-efficiency air filter.

And that filter is big, making it effective for longer – before UltiMaker Connect tells you when to replace it.

You can easily install the UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager without tools, via a sturdy bracket and a single cable. All other functionality is handled by (and regularly improved via) UltiMaker 2+ Connect firmware and UltiMaker Cura software.

This includes material-matching fan speeds. Now embedded into UltiMaker Cura's predefined print profiles, they ensure that the fan and filter operate at optimal efficiency the whole time you're printing.

Keep your prints safe, as well as your workplace

Finally, by fully enclosing the build chamber, the UltiMaker 2+ Connect Air Manager stops anyone interrupting a print by touching hot or moving parts. And it maintains a more stable print environment inside the printer.

While we've found this slightly improves print quality for some materials, it certainly gives you more freedom 3D print where you want. In drafty locations, near air conditioning units – the choice is yours, knowing that the build chamber is protected from unwanted airflows.

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