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Ultimaker CPE+ Filament (Engineering)

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Ultimaker Materials

We’ve developed filaments with superior formulation for incredible print quality. And to optimize every print, there are Cura material profiles that can take care of everything or give you total freedom.


Ultimaker Ecosystem

We’ve spent thousands of hours developing Cura profiles to suit our materials, so you can reliably print with optimized print quality. It means that when you’re ready to go, all you need to do is click print – and everything works seamlessly.

For best results with Engineering filaments, consider the Advanced 3D Printing Kit for added reliability.


Ultimaker CPE+

CPE (co-polyester) materials are chemical resistant, tough and demonstrate good dimensional stability. It is a preferred choice for both functional prototypes and mechanical parts. While both CPE and CPE+ provide similar performance characteristics, CPE+ provides the added benefit of higher temperature resistance and increased impact strength.

Ultimaker's CPE+ can be compared to Colorfabb HT in properties and characteristics.


Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE Family

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent toughness and dimensional stability
  • Good interlayer adhesion, especially when using the front door add-on
  • Low levels of ultrafine particles (UFPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Ideal for short run manufacturing and functional prototypes
  • Transparent filament option available


Differences between Ultimaker CPE and CPE+

  • CPE is available in a wide range of colors to choose from, including grayscale for more professional looking models.
  • CPE’s tensile and flexural strength are higher, whilst CPE+ is formulated to be up to 10 times tougher.
  • CPE+ features a temperature resistance of up to 100 ºC when compared to CPE, which is only resistant up to 70 º
  • CPE has a better build plate adhesion than CPE+, but you won’t notice the difference when using the stickers supplied in our Advanced 3D Printing Kit.


Shop3D Notes:  

CPE spools come in 0.75kg. 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long.

* All individually sold Ultimaker filament now comes with a resealable zipper bag with silica desiccant for proper storage care for prolonged periods of time. *

CPE+ is a straight upgrade to CPE, but requires a little bit more tuning and specific settings to print well. It provides good layer adhesion and a higher glass temp so if you need to print parts that are chemical resistant, or watertight, this is your best bet! In general, CPE+ is a well rounded material with good print characteristics, strength, and mechanical properties.

CPE+ is a little bit more challenging to print than PLA, but not as difficult as Nylon. It doesn't warp as much and doesn't have moisture issues. Compared to regular CPE, the glass temp is much higher so there is much higher tolerance for temperature deformations.

We recommend CPE+ for people who are looking at a general engineering material. CPE if you want color options.

Print settings:

Print speed: 35-50mm/s
nozzle temp: 260 C
Bed Temp: 110C
Fan = 25%
Flow = 105%
Bed material: Adhesion Sheets on glass (advanced printing kit)
Door: Yes (advance printing kit)
Adhesion Method: Brim or Raft for large parts

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