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UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Pack

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Printing with UltiMaker PET CF Filament requires a CC Print Core.

UltiMaker PET CF Filament

UltiMaker PET CF is a composite material that is much easier to print than other carbon fiber-based materials while still retaining excellent performance properties. These can be further enhanced by annealing your printed part 1to greatly improve the strength, stiffness, thermal, and chemical resistance of your finished model.

Key features PET CF is easier to print than most composites. It is more resistant to moisture and when kept in an UltiMaker Material Station, it should remain dry. Unlike other composite materials, PET CF is also available in multiple colors: black, blue, and gray. PET CF is compatible with UltiMaker support materials (PVA and Breakaway) giving full geometric freedom when designing parts. Finally, parts printed with PET CF can be annealed to improve their temperature resistance from 80 °C to a phenomenal 181 °C, as well as increasing their strength by 30% and stiffness by 10%. All of this can be done using the recommended and validated BINDER FP115 programmable oven

What's In The Box
  • 2x spools of PET CF Black
  • 1x spool of PET CF Gray
  • 1x spool of PET CF Blue
  • UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.4
  • UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.6
Key Features

Excellent mechanical properties: With a flexural strength of ~100 MPa and a stiffness of ~6000 MPa, PET CF provides excellent mechanical properties, suitable for a wide range of applications

Color code your carbon fiber: UltiMaker PET CF comes in three colors: black, gray, and blue. All included in this Expansion pack

Low moisture sensitivity: Less moisture sensitive than other carbon fiber-based materials

Compatible with UltiMaker support materials: Enjoy full design freedom when printing PET CF in combination with PVA or Breakaway support materials

Enhanced performance through annealing: Annealing your part results in a temperature resistance of 181 °C, a 30% increase in strength, and a 10% increase in stiffness

Perfectly tuned for UltiMaker S series printer: Complete integration of PET CF with S series printers: including NFC-equipped spools, intent profiles in UltiMaker Cura, and two sizes of CC Print Core, included in the Expansion Kit

Mechanical properties
Mechanical Properties (Annealed)

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