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UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.4mm / 0.6mm

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Replacing the print core CC Red 0.6mm.
UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.4mm / 0.6mm

UltiMaker print cores provide the flexibility to seamlessly print with a variety of materials so you can optimize your applications and maximize efficiency. Choose between CC 0.4mm for higher visual quality and CC 0.6mm for shorter print time. This Print Core has a max temp of 300°C. 

Material optimized design
With different print core types available, you can always pick one that is optimized for your material

Fast and easy changeovers
Thanks to a quick swap design, you can enjoy fast and easy changeovers without tools, for maximum uptime

Reliable and durable
Print cores are not just a consumable; they are a key part of UltiMaker 3D printers that has been optimized to reliably print for a long time with minimal and easy maintenance

Intent-based nozzle sizes
With different nozzle sizes available you can choose the one most suitable for your intended result; whether that's a quick draft model or highly detailed design

Print core CC
Print high-strength composite materials with a wear-resistant print core, for applications that require extra stiffness and rigidity

Does the nozzle size of the CC print core have an impact on the strength of the printed part? Are there differences between the 0.4mm and 0.6mm nozzle?
Part strength generally depends on a lot of different things, such as the model geometry, the material it’s printed in, the printing toolpath and settings such as the layer height and infill. The nozzle size alone won’t have any significant impact on the strength of the printed part.

How does the surface quality of composite prints created on an UltiMaker with print core CC 0.4mm compare to composite parts created on Markforged printers?
It is hard to make a direct comparison with Markforged printers as they use different materials and work differently. Nonetheless, based on internal tests and prints we can say that the print core CC 0.4mm is able of achieving a good surface quality. Besides that, an advantage of UltiMaker over Markforged is that it is open for third-party materials and supports printing of a much wider range of composite materials, for different applications.

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