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Ultrafuse® PP GF30 (Polypropylene w/ 30% Glass Fibre) - 700gr

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Filament Diameter
BASF Material is proudly produced in Europe
Ultrafuse PP GF30 is polypropylene, reinforced with 30% glass fiber content. The fibers in this compound are specially designed for 3D-printing filaments and are compatible with a wide range of standard FFF 3D-printers. The extreme stiffness makes this material highly suitable for demanding applications. Other key properties of PP GF30 are high heat resistance and improved UV-resistance. All these excellent properties make this filament highly suitable in an industrial environment.
  • Extremely high stiffness
  • High heat resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Low density: 1066 kg/m3
Print Settings
  • Nozzle Temperature: 240 - 260°C
  • Bed Temperature: 20 - 40°C on PP strapping tape | 70 - 90°C with PPGF adhesive
  • Bed Material: Glass + PP tape | Glass + PPGF adhesive | Buildtak + PPGF adhesive
  • Nozzle Diameter: ≥ 0.6 mm
  • Print Speed: 30 - 80 mm/s
Drying & Storage Recommendations
Ultrafuse PP GF30 filament should be stored at 15 -25°C in its original sealed package in a clean and dry environment. Drying should be done with these parameters:
  • 60 °C in a hot air dryer or vacuum oven for 4 to 16 hours
Printing Profiles

To print the best possible way with BASF filaments

BASF provides you with a large range of printing profiles for their materials based on different well-known printer manufacturers like Ultimaker, Raise3D and BCN3D

View Printing Profiles Here

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