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WAZER Pro Waterjet

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WAZER Pro - The Waterjet For Any Shop


Cuts Fast. Cuts Thick Material.

2.1 kW of Hydraulic Power

Cut over 1,000 fused glass circles (15mm diam, 3mm thick) in one 90-minute session
Cuts aluminum up to 1” thick
Cuts steel up to 3⁄8” thick


It keeps cutting with the least maintenance of any waterjet.

90 minutes of continuous cutting

Cut over 1,000 fused glass circles (15mm diam, 3mm thick) in one 90-minute session

Collects all the used abrasive

Collects all of the used abrasive while cutting, resulting in no buildup of abrasive on the bottom of the tank. Never scoop out the abrasive by hand.

Eliminated all failure-prone components from the high-pressure system.

No scheduled maintenance on the high pressure system for 600 hundred hours of cutting

Magnetic drain filters

Magnetic filters capture ferrous particles when cutting ferrous materials. Extremely easy to clean.

Easy To Use

Can be Operated by Anyone in any Shop.

Absolute-zero locating

Create locating jigs that reference permanent pins on the tank, so when the Cut Bed swells or is replaced, you don’t lose your reference point.

Submerged cutting

WAZER Pro can cut with the nozzle submerged below the water line. This results in very quiet cutting - quieter than WAZER Desktop despite having over twice the cutting power.

Uses regular tap water and single-phase
electrical power: 220V / 20A

Uses standard electrical infrastructure:
North America: 220V / 60Hz single-phase

Advantages of the Pro over the Desktop
  • WAZER Pro cuts 2-4x faster than WAZER Desktop, with the same amount of abrasive used
  • WAZER Pro cuts material that’s twice as thick as WAZER Desktop
  • WAZER Pro does 3-6x more continuous cutting compared to WAZER Desktop
  • WAZER Pro collects all the used abrasive while cutting, minimizing downtime

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