3D Print Clean now available at Shop3D.ca

March 20, 2018

3D Print Clean now available at Shop3D.ca

Designed to protect both the user as well as the printers inside, the 3D Print Clean 660 & 3D Print Clean 870 are perfect for schools, libraries and labs.

The thermal runaway protection and heat retention protect your prints from warping due to possible random changes in temperature and can help maintain adhesion to your print surface.

The dehumidifier cartridge and humidity monitor protect your printer and filaments from atmospheric moisture.  You can print without having to worry about your filaments absorbing moisture and reducing print quality or the lifetime of your filament.

Features like the filtration system and noise suppression are great for schools, offices and libraries that want to print in an array of materials without having to be concerned about the potential for Ultra Fine Particles (UFPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), unpleasant odors or distracting sounds.

The robust aluminum framed 660 and 870 enclosures are coupled with shatterproof polycarbonate windows and conform to both UL standards and is certified to CSA standards as well.  They comes with your choice between 4 customizable configurations of:
-Optional Fire Suppression System
-Optional Lower Cabinet with Castors

The fire suppression system can provide peace of mind if you have to leave your unit running for an extended period of time unattended while the option to have a lower cabinet installed to your unit increases organizational space by storing your filaments and 3D printing accessories while providing a safe and mobile option if your printer needs to be moved from time to time.

If you'd like a fully customized quote, contact the sales team here.

Don't worry though.  If you're looking for a safety enclosure but would like a cheaper alternative to the 3D Print Cleans, Shop3D has several options available to you.

For a full list of options click here.

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