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Form 3/3B/3L Latest Firmware and PreForm Update Recap

February 05, 2020

Form 3/3B/3L Firmware 1.4.8 and PreForm 3.3.2 (January 27, 2020)

The latest Form 3 firmware and PreForm update enables printing of Elastic, Rigid, and Grey Pro resins. The latest firmware update also includes some speed optimizations. 

Here's a comparison of the available resins of the Form 2 versus the Form 3, Form 3B and Form 3L:

Form 2  Form 3/Form 3L
Black Black
Castable wax Castable Wax
Clear Clear
Color Color
Dental LT
Dental SG Dental SG
Dental Base (DP, LP, OP, RP)
Denture Teeth (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2)
Draft Draft
Durable Durable
Elastic Elastic
Flexible Flexible
Grey Grey
Grey Pro Grey Pro
High Temp High Temp
Model Model
Rigid Rigid
Surgical Guide Surgical Guide
Tough Tough
White White


You may have noticed that up until now the time estimate for the Form 3 was disabled, in this version of PreForm it's back! 



For more detailed release notes check out these links: 

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