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Exclusive Opportunity: The Pioneer Program

April 19, 2023

Mayku has initiated its Pioneer Program, aimed at linking makers globally and propelling innovation forward with the Mayku Multiplier's advanced thermoforming technology. To become a part of the Pioneer Program, makers will submit an application through one of Mayku's approved partners. These partners are qualified to answer your questions about Mayku's products.

In Canada, your Mayku preferred partner would be We will be happy to help walk you through the process, and we are available if you have any questions! Feel free to contact us here.

Front of Mayku Multiplier opened

Mayku Multiplier

With The Mayku Multiplier, you can create high-quality molds and parts in just minutes. The industrial power of the machine allows you to scale up your project at record speed—and gives you full control over every aspect of production.

This desktop pressure former makes high power accessible for any workstation, and can guide you from start to finish with its easy-to-use interface. With Mayku's expanding library of materials that comes in multiple thicknesses and with tested profiles, projects will have reliable and repeatable results every time. Learn more about the Mayku Multiplier.

What are some applications?

As of right now, Mayku applications with the Multiplier are already rapidly expanding. Some material use cases are flexible molds with EVA, food packaging with PETG, visual prototypes with HIPS and many more materials to come.

Mayku EVA Sheet with 2 Piece molds

2-part mold making with EVA

Packaging formed with the Mayku Multiplier and PETG Sheet

Food packaging with PETG

Mouse shell created with Mayku Multiplier and HIPS sheet

Visual Prototypes Using HIPS

Blurred out image of Mayku Multiplier with text, + coming soon

More Materials Coming

What are the benefits to the Pioneer Program?

Through this exclusive opportunity, you'll have access to the essential tools needed to propel your projects to the next level. The biggest benefit to joining the program will be direct communication with the Mayku engineers, exclusive extended warranty and the ability to collaborate with other Pioneers from around the globe.

What you'll get:
  • A discovery call to fully scope your unique application
  • Monthly sessions with our application engineers providing you with 1:1 support
  • 12 month pioneer warranty, enabling you to test and stretch the boundaries of the Multiplier without financial concern
  • An allocation of materials funded by Mayku
  • Full support from our product team to help develop new materials and applications
  • Free lifetime access to custom firmware profiles so you can source and use your own materials with the Multiplier
What we ask in return
  • Feedback on the machine
  • A 1:1 onboarding call to ensure you get the best out of it

Become a Pioneer and push the boundaries of innovation

The Mayku Multiplier Pioneer Program invites all makers with a strong drive for innovation. If you have a project that would greatly benefit the use of a Multiplier or if you think you can push this machine to greater uses, apply for the program below. All of us at and Mayku look forward to what you have to offer!

Mayku Multiplier HIPS prototype result in workflow

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