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Science Rules the week in Moncton!

April 03, 2018

Science Rules the week in Moncton! - & Ultimaker took part in Moncton's STEM East Expo last week with some interesting twists.

The Science Fair for Elementary and High School students across New Brunswick was originally supposed to take place on Friday the 23rd.  Despite the snow warning, arrived on Thursday for set up and boy was the Meteorologist right this time.  Due to a sudden snow storm, the event was postponed until Monday the 26th.

Thankfully, the weekend was more than enough time for the snow to become manageable for all the students to arrive safely on monday.

Bright and early on Monday morning, students began to file in as they were walked through the schedule for the day.  New Brunswick Community College's gymnasium was packed full of tables with students standing next to their findings.  Projects were being presented by students from both Elementary School all the way to High School, and the range of creativity was amazing.

Project topics ranged from the culinary science of temperature and time for the perfect cookie, to renewable energy ideas, all the way to the future of prosthetic limbs! I'm glad that it was up to Bryan, Yvan and the rest of their team to decide the winners because there were some incredible projects present.

The passion of Atlantic Canada's educators towards inspiring their students was truly contagious as the excitement of the students were palpable as they went around visiting other booths and exchanging stories on their experiences with their project and what they found the greater implication of their findings could mean.

Finally, after all the judging was conducted, there could only be one Grand Prize winner. and Ultimaker want to congratulate the team of Peter Zhu (Harrison Trimble High School) and Tyler Sun (Fredericton)!

Peter & Tyler managed to win Harrison Trimble High School the grand prize of a brand new Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer! & Ultimaker don't doubt that we'll be seeing some great minds coming out of Atlantic Canada and are even more excited to see how Harrison Trimble High School will use their new Ultimaker 2+ to continue the betterment of their students education.

Thank you to Bryan, Yvan and the rest of their team at the Anglophone East School District and NBCC for hosting such a great event for their students.

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