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Share Your Scan & Win!

September 09, 2022

Let's Celebrate 3D Scanning together!

Do you remember the first time you used your EinScan 3D Scanner?
Do you still have the data set of the first piece you scanned?
Or do you have some outstanding scanning projects you are eager to share with us and the whole EinScan community?

We want to see your scans!

This September, join EinScan users around the world as we share and celebrate projects from all kinds of backgrounds and applications. 

Use the hashtag "#ShareMyEinScan" on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to get featured on Shining3D's social media channels, win amazing prizes, and connect with other like-minded EinScan users!

How to Join

  1. Share your scan data! No matter if it is your first scan, the most impressive or meaningful! Share a photo, video, GIF, reel of your scanning project along with the EinScan model you use. There are no limits to your creativity!
  2. Use our special Hashtag #ShareMyEinScan on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin and tag @shining3d so that they can find your entry!
  3. Get the chance to be featured on Shining3D's social media channels, connect with other like-minded EinScan users and win!


Among all entries EinScan will give away a set of Airpods Pro and 700 $ Purchase Coupon Packages* for first prize and 4 coupon packages for second prize!

*$500 coupon for EinScan Pro Series, H Series, Transcan C and AccuFab-L4K, $200 coupon for EinScan Desktop 3D Scanners.

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