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December 19, 2019

It's that time of year where you are buying gifts for friends, family, coworkers and your Secret Santa pick. But don't fret, Shop3D has your back! Here are the top items on our wishlists to help inspire gifts for the makers in your life.

BASF Ultrafuse BVOH Filament

BASF BVOH is a new formula of water-soluble support and an alternative to PVA. It allows us to print the same complex geometry but the BVOH now dissolves 3-4 times faster than PVA and is a lot less sticky to the touch.  We spend less time on post-processing and less dissolving prints laying around makes me happy!.” – Ken

Shop: Ultrafuse BVOH 1.75mm Filament Ultrafuse BVOH 2.85mm Filament 
Price: $60 CAD

3D Gloop

“I usually use super glue to adhere my printed parts, but sometimes the bond is weak and my props will break along the seam. I love 3D Gloop! because it quickly gives my part a solid bond I can rely on.” – Sarah

Shop: 3D Gloop
Price: Starting at $12.50

Mosaic Palette 2S Pro

“I want to get the Mosaic Pallet because I have a bunch of single extrusion printers at home like the Creality and Prusa. I’d like to have one of them capable of dual printing so I can do some PLA/BVOH combinations. I got pretty good at removing supports but from the testing we’ve done around the shop with BVOH and PLA, I want that at home! No more sore hands and disappointment when I break my minis!” – Felix

Shop: Mosaic Palette 2S Pro
Price: $1,075 CAD

Mayku Formbox

“The Mayku Formbox vacuum former is a perfect gift for making gifts. It's a quick and easy to use and you can create custom soaps, mini planters, bath bombs, chocolates and even packaging! You can basically have a workshop and make products right from the comfort of your own home.” – Emily

Shop: Mayku Formbox Desktop Vacuum Former
Price: $965 CAD

Formlabs Form 3

“Struggling to think of the perfect gift for your friends and family that's meaningful, personal, and unique? Or that friend that has already got everything they want? Then perhaps you should think outside the box! Get the Ultimate gift for yourself to help in the task. The Form 3. With it, create one of a kind, personal gifts that are intricate and personalized.  A Custom Dice set, their own DND avatar that perfectly captures their chaotic evil personality or memorabilia of their beloved pet. The Form 3 prints are weighty solid resin with no visible layer lines so your friends and family won't even know they're 3D printed. Best yet, after the crazy holiday season you can get to work on that business idea you've always wanted to start but didn't have the means to.” – Jacky

Shop: Formlabs Form 3 SLA 3D Printer
Price: Starting at $4,699 CAD

Ultimaker S3 

“When we got our Ultimaker S3 demo unit for the first time, I knew that this printer would be perfect for my 3D print projects. I would love the Ultimaker S3 as a Christmas gift because of its sleek design, touch-screen compatibility, beginner-friendly features, dual extrusion, and being the perfect size for 3D prints I have in mind. It is like having the luxury of an Ultimaker S5 that’s more “home sized,” rather than industrial-sized. It comes with a little door pre-installed on the front of the printer protects it from tampering, and it comes with all the tools necessary to get started on 3D printing. I’d say it’s the perfect 3D printer for intermediate users, such as myself.” – Laurelle

Shop: Ultimaker S3
Price: $5,850 CAD

Dremel Digilab LC40

I want the Dremel LC40 because it allows me to cut and create intricate designs that would otherwise take hours to cut by hand. Whether it's for presents or my own costuming hobbies, the laser cutter allows me to experiment with different materials and find new ways to combine it with 3D printing. It's also convenient to be able to have a desktop-sized laser cutter that I can set up in my home, with proper ventilation of course. ;)” – Shazzmin

Shop: Dremel Digilab LC40 Laser Cutter & Engraver
Price: Starting at $8,299 CAD

Neodymium Magnets

Cylinder Neodynium Magnet: It just works. Super Strong Neodynium Magnet: It just works, really well.” – Kevin

Shop4mm Cylinder Neodynium Magnets and Super Strong Neodynium Magnets
Price: Starting at $0.50 CAD

We hope this inspires you for your seasonal shopping, but these make great gifts  all year round! And if you're not sure what the right choice is for the maker in your life, you can't go wrong with a gift card.

Wishing carried other 3D printing tech, tools and add-ons? Let us know what is on your wishlist.

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