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BASF | Ultrafuse® Taste the Rainbow Sampler Pack (6 Spools)


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BASF Material is proudly produced in Europe
No Colour Substitutions For This Bundle
BASF | Ultrafuse® Filament Pack - Six Spools (1.75mm / 2.85mm)

It might be cold or grey but that doesn't mean you can't be printing bright and happy colours!

Well here's a sampler pack designed so you can save some $$ and have all the bright colours of the easy to print Ultrafuse® PLA. Great for trying out all the Ultrafuse® colours. All spools are full-sized 750g of filament, individually sealed, available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm bundles.

What's Included
  • 1 x BASF | Ultrafuse® PLA (Red) 
  • 1 x BASF | Ultrafuse® PLA (Magenta)
  • 1 x BASF | Ultrafuse® PLA (Orange)
  • 1 x BASF | Ultrafuse® PLA (Yellow)
  • 1 x BASF | Ultrafuse® PLA (Green)
  • 1 x BASF | Ultrafuse® PLA (Blue)
Reasons to Choose Ultrafuse® PLA
  • High quality filament produced and imported from the Netherlands
  • Colour matched filament to RAL codes which ensures consistency between batches purchased at different times.
  • Printing concept models and prototypes when aesthetics and fine details are key and easily achieve high resolution prints
  • It’s perfect for printing in education or in the office, thanks to low ultrafine particle emissions
  • A heated bed isn’t necessary, it works with glue and blue tape as well

PLA plastic in spools that contain 750g. 1.75mm & 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long.

PLA is Shop3D's recommended choice for all 3D Printing for Schools/Libraries/Homes.  It is easy to print, does not have offensive odors and the colours are nice and vibrant.

Printing Profiles

To print the best possible way with BASF filaments

BASF provides you with a large range of printing profiles for their materials based on different well-known printer manufacturers like Ultimaker, Raise3D and BCN3D

View Printing Profiles Here

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