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Product SKU: TPU-BLA-01

These materials cannot be shipped to the Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut due to the distributors shipping restrictions. Please contact our team for further details.

Made for Dremel Printers

TPU is a Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) based filament specifically engineered for the Dremel 3D45 printer. It is a flexible, rubber-like filament that can stretch and bend with ease.  Ideal for printing objects that need to be flexible or can absorb shock. Each Spool has an earth friendly cardboard spool holder that is made from recycled materials.

Technical Specs
  • 750 gr. spools
  • 1.75mm diameter.

Dremel TPU has been designed to work best with the Idea Builder Series Printer, producing a stable, strong object with a high-quality finish.

Dremel TPU filament has been tested  for improved print quality, reliability and longer filament shelf life
Dremel TPU is a thermoplastic that combines flexibility, strength and durability
Dremel offers a wide array of dynamic colors to expand your creativity
Dremel TPU filament is engineered to produce a stable, strong object with flexible mechanical properties

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