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ePLA-Matte - 1kg Spool 1.75mm

Product SKU: ePLA-Matte175DH1

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Filament Diameter
Dark Grey
Mint Green
Almond Yellow
Peach Pink
Milky White
Deep Black
Light Blue
Light Khaki

eSun Has discontinued the use of plastic spools, newer batches of eSun Filament will have cardboard spools instead of plastic.

A Cost-Effective PLA Material that is Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Print

Compared with ABS, ePLA-Matte has higher rigidity and PC-like strength and does not require a closed cavity. With low shrinkage, no warping and no cracking quality, ePLA-Matte is suitable for large-size model printing. The supports are easy to peel from smooth and flat contact surfaces, and there is no irritating odor during printing. The matte surface of the material is delicate, and does not show layer lines. This filament does not break easily, which makes for smooth prints and minimal clogging. ePLA-Matte can be used for early concept models or rapid prototyping. Low density, ePLA-Matte single-roll consumables offer 21% more than other matte PLA product print models.

Print Settings
eSun Material Datasheet | ePLA Material Safety Data Sheet
  • PLA Printing Parameters:
  • Best print temperature: 190-230 °C
  • Bed temperature: 45-60 °C
  • Print speed: 40-100mm / s
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High rigidity and eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent high-speed printing
  • Hard to break
  • Matte Surface Finish

eSun PLA comes in 1kg spools so you have more material per spool vs. OEM 750gr spools. Due to its size, a larger spool holder may be recommended.  

PLA is the most common and popular 3D printing material. It has a low melting point which means longer life of your printer components, minimal warping, retains good detail in corners and is very easy to use. If you don't have any special mechanical or chemical requirements, PLA is your go-to choice of material and is compatible with most dual extrusion options.

Our mission at Shop3D is to curate the best selection of filaments in each price class so you don't need to be overwhelmed with options.  Quality testing and printer compatibility are our primary concerns and we're confident this is the best filament at the price range.

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