eSun economy ePLA - 2.85mm 1kg

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This economy filament will provide the best value standard PLA filament in our lineup. This sub $20 filament is perfect for prints you intend to sand or finish, rough prototypes or large blocky structures.  Print as much as you want without hurting your wallet.  

eSun ePLA comes in 1kg spools so you have more material per spool vs. OEM 750gr spools but due to it's size, a larger spool holder maybe recommended.  

PLA is the most common and popular 3D printing material. It has a low melting point which means longer life of your printer components, minimal warping, retains good detail in corners and is very easy to use. If you don't have any special mechanical or chemical requirements, PLA is your go-to choice of material and is compatible with most dual extrusion options.

Our mission at Shop3D is to curate the best selection of filaments in each price class so you don't need to be overwhelmed with options.  Quality testing, and printer compatibility are our primary concerns and we're confident this is the best filament at the price range.



  • Best value filament at
  • High rigidity and eco-friendly
  • Low odour, non toxic, easy to print
  • Suitable for printing larger models due to low warp properties
  • Consistent layers and clean retractions produce a superb surface finish
  • Good adherence to clean glass beds (no aids necessary)


Print Settings:

ePLA Printing Parameters:
Best print temperature: 205-225 °C
Base temperature: 0/60 °C
Print speed: 30-90mm / s
Travel speed: 90-150mm/s 

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