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Magigoo PC - 3D Printing Adhesive

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The 3D printing adhesive for Polycarbonate

Magigoo Pro PC is designed to work exclusively with Polycarbonate type filaments. This adhesive for professional use, makes sure prints stick firmly when the print-bed is hot and that the part is easy to remove once it cools. This unique and innovative mechanism means that no tools are needed to remove prints from the bed. They just pop off when the bed cools down.


The strength and toughness of PC make it an ideal FDM material for the production of functional prototypes as well as end use part, nonetheless the material does present some printing challenges. Virgin PC has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and thus can be used in high temperature applications. However, having a high Tg can make it very difficult to print using desktop printers, as these are usually not equipped to cater for the high printing temperatures required to print virgin PC. Virgin PC in fact tends to warp considerably when printed at an insufficient bed temperature (<130 ºC), in non-heated enclosed chambers without the use of an appropriate bed adhesive.

Magigoo Pro PC can be used on glass or a multitude of other surfaces. Use on other plastic based surfaces, including sheets is recommended to provide strong adhesion and preventing the part from fusing to the sheet.

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    Table of Compatibility

    Tips for Printing with ASA Filament:
    • While Magigoo Original is usually recommended for PLA and ABS, some ASA materials tend to work better with Magigoo Pro PC. Dive deeper into Magigoo's extensive Database of Tested Materials to find the best adhesive for your ASA filaments and others.
    • Enclosure. It's recommended with some materials and some prints would be also OK without it.
    • Print your first layer slowly, around 20mm/s
    • Re-apply Magigoo before each print. It's cheaper than dealing with a failed print later
    For more information, refer to the Magigoo Adhesion Bible.

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