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Mayku Reducing Plate

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Reduce waste, open up a world of new materials
Seamlessly integrating with the Mayku Multiplier, the new Reducing Plate condenses the forming area of the Multiplier down to A4 or US letter format, opening up access to hundreds of global sheet suppliers that provide straight-cut sheets.

The Reducing Plate also reduces waste when forming smaller parts, ensuring that you use just the right amount of material for your application.

  • Use easily accessible thermoformable materials in A4 or US Letter sizes

  • Work with materials thicker than 5mm

  • Reduce risk of webbing tall objects

  • The Mayku Reducing Plate

  • Heat proof gloves

  • White chalk pen

Thick, thin, and everything in between
The Multiplier, as standard, can form materials up to 5mm thick. With the reducing plate installed, the Multiplier can go beyond 5mm to create rock-solid, highly detailed parts in a vast array of different materials.

On the opposite end of the scale, the reducing plate enables the use of incredibly thin materials down to 100 microns for super-fine film application.

The combination of the reducing plate and custom mode turns the Multiplier into a desktop production powerhouse, and combined with hi-res 3D printing, it can achieve injection mold quality parts from the desktop in a matter of minutes.

Mayku Reducing Plate Guide

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