Formlabs Castable Wax Resin Cartridge (1 Litre OEM)

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Castable Wax Jewelry Resin

Reliably reproduce crisp settings, sharp prongs,
smooth shanks and fine surface details

Formlabs' flagship jewelry resin

20% wax-filled photopolymer for reliable casting and clean burnout




Formlabs Castable Wax Resin Characteristics:

Castable Wax Resin (Current Version V1) is 20% wax-filled for reliable casting with zero ash content and clean burnout. Formulated to accurately capture intricate features and offer the smooth surfaces stereolithography 3D printing is known for. (additional info)

Delicate Geometries, High Precision and Accuracy: Castable Wax is recommended for filigree, pavé, and pieces with ornate surface detail with no visible layer lines.

A Reliable, Efficient Workflow for Easy Burnout: Castable Wax is wax-filled for easy, clean casting.



Notes on Formlabs Resins and Proper use:

Formlabs Functional resins come in a resealable 1 Litre Cartridge.
Resins should be handled in accordance with Formlabs protocols.

A new resin tank should be used per Resin colour/type for your Form 2.
Never mix the use of resin colours or types with a resin tank.

Purchase additional resin tanks here.



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