Bring rapid and cost-effective tooling in-house

Accelerate product development, iterate quickly, and bring better products to market by incorporating 3D printed rapid tooling into your development process.

Cut Your Prototyping Cycle to 24 hours

Never again wait weeks for prototypes to arrive from a service provider. With in-house 3D printing, you can create rapid tooling prototypes within a day, run tests, tweak your design, and print again.

Rapid Tooling Guides and Case Studies

Most traditional manufacturing processes like injection molding, thermoforming, or casting, require custom tooling to create end-use parts. However, tooling comes with high upfront costs and weeks or months-long lead times from service providers, significantly slowing down product development. The alternative? Incorporating in-house 3D printed rapid tooling into your development or manufacturing processes. You can combine 3D printed tooling with traditional manufacturing processes to validate the design and material choice before transitioning to mass production, and to produce custom or limited series of end-use parts.

“The Form 3L makes the product design process more cohesive. Making tweaks in CAD and starting the printing process - it’s going to help us close the gap between feedback and design.”

– Matt Tetzl, R+D Technician at Black Diamond

Rapid Tooling Materials

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Rapid Tooling Packages

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Form 3 Starter Kit

Everything you need to cut your prototyping cycle, reduce the need for outsourcing, and bring better products to market faster by bringing 3D printing in-house.

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Formlabs Grey Pro Resin

Grey Pro Resin creates high-quality protoypes for internal and external use that mimic the functional requirements of the final part

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