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Formlabs Fast Cure

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Formlabs Fast Cure

Post curing maximizes material properties for stereolithography prints, improving parts’ performance and achieving biocompatibility. Fast Cure is Formlabs's most powerful and high-performance curing unit designed to cure dental parts in one to six minutes. Formlabs Dental resins have been rigorously validated and fine-tuned with Fast Cure to work safely and seamlessly in an end-to-end workflow. The touch screen makes it easy to start a cure cycle with preloaded validated settings for each Formlabs Dental resin.

Technical Specs
Specifications Fast Cure
Printer Compatibility Form 2, Form 3B/+, Form 3/+,
Form 3L/BL (limited height to 6.5cm)
Dimensions 27.5 x 31.0 x 31.0 cm
10.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inch
Weight 8.2 kg
18 lbs
Turntable Diameter 18 cm (fits up to 8 horizontal dental arches)
7.1 inch
Maximum Part Height 6.5 cm (~vertical dental arch)
2.56 inch
Operating Temperature 5 - 35 degrees celsius
Light Source 56 LEDs
LED Power 200 W
LED Wavelength 405 nm
Power Requirements 100 - 200 V
5.4 A, 50/60HZ
Compatible with
Validated with 17 Dental and Biomed Resins
  • Custom Tray V1
  • Dental LT Clear V2
  • Denture Base
  • Denture Teeth
  • Draft V2
  • Grey V4
  • IBT V1
  • Model V2
  • Model V3
  • Permanent Crown
  • Surgical Guide V1
  • Temporary CB
  • White V4
  • Biomed Amber
  • Biomed Black
  • Biomed Clear
  • Biomed White

Features and Benefits
  • Speed: Cure all your finished dental parts in 1 to 6 minutes.
    • Fast Cure cures dental parts 90% faster than Form Cure.
      • Dental models: 1min
      • Crowns and bridges: 5min
      • Occlusal guards: 6min
      • Surgical guides: 5min
  • Instant heating: No preheating required thanks to 56 powerful LED lights with 9 levels to control the light intensity
  • Safety and peace of mind: Entire workflow re-validated for biocomp applications in Formlabs controlled mode printing and under QMS (quality management system).
  • Rotating turntable for uniform curing
  • Removable tray makes it easier to keep clean and insert and remove parts - Delivered with 2 trays
  • Active cooling: keeps the exterior cool to the touch
  • Capacity: Fits up to 8 dental arches on the 18 cm diameter turntable
  • Compact footprint: 27.5 x 31.0 x 31.0 cm
  • Touch UI
    • 7.9” Touch Screen
    • Preloaded curing presets for 17+ resins
    • Add your custom presets controlling time and light intensity levels
  • Chamber height is limited to 6.5cm (works for vertical dental arch on supports)
  • Back-to-back curing. We recommend letting the Fast Cure cool down for 10 min
  • The chamber accumulates heat and we require users to wear heat-protective gloves to minimize the risk of burn
  • Medical applications: With a chamber height of 6.5 cm larger anatomical models may not fit
    • Validated some Biomed resins
      • Biomed Amber Resin is the same as Surgical Guide Resin and is used in regions where Surgical Guide is not registered.
      • Biomed Clear Resin is the same as Dental LT Clear V2 Resin and is used in regions where Dental LT Clear V2 Resin is not registered.
Improvements - Fast Cure vs. Form Cure

90% + Time savings compared to the Fast Cure is now one of Formlabs gold partners

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