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eSun 3D Printing ABS+ - 2.85mm 1kg

Product SKU: ABS+285W1

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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our regular stock supply has been disrupted and possibly out of stock for a longer than expected period. We are still receiving regular shipments from our suppliers in the Netherlands for BASF | Ultrafuse filament.
3D Printing with ABS+ does release harmful odours.  ABS+ should not be used in a classroom environment without an enclosure and filtration.  ABS+ printing should be conducted in a well-ventilated workshop for best safety practices.
Durability, Medium Heat Resistance and Strength

ABS+ is a very familiar material to Engineers and professionals. While it is truly proven material in everyday objects, it should be considered a filament for users at an intermediate or advanced level. This material is suited for users who require durability, medium heat resistance and strength in their prints.

Print Settings
eSun Material Datasheet | eSun ABS Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Nozzle: 220-260C
  • Bed: 100-110C
  • Feed rate: 30-90mm/s
  • Idling speed: 90-150mm/s

For bed adhesion, try the following:

Shop3D Product Notes

ABS+ is an intermediate to expert material to use on 3D printers like the Ultimaker even though it's been around since the beginning of desktop 3D printing. The standard has shifted to PLA now, being a much more friendly material to use, and we are seeing a rise in ABS+ alternatives. Regardless there are a few specific factors to consider that still makes ABS+ an attractive choice due to its highly sought after mechanical properties. 

Visually ABS+ looks and feels a bit different than PLA and PETG. ABS+ is generally more matte looking and the corners and details are rounded out even more than PETG. This is sometimes a desirable look as the matte finish hides the print lines (especially black) and the rounded corners make printed objects look professional. This is why ABS+ white and black is so hugely popular still. ABS+ is quite tough, and a part printed solid is similar in strength to an injection molded ABS part.

Another advantage with ABS+ is the ability to smooth via acetone vapors. We don't recommend this to beginners, but acetone vapor smoothing is becomming more popular for those that want a very smooth finished look. Since Acetone doesn't react the same to PLA and PETG, and have no real safe and similar process, ABS+ retains this advantage over the two.

In terms of printability, ABS+ is the most difficult of the 3 common materials. It warps the most, requires the most heat, and doesn't stick to the bed well without additives. It requires an enclosure in order for the part not to shrink unevenly and it smells quite horrible and gives off bad fumes when printing. If you choose to print ABS+ we recommend you do it with proper ventilation.

You should consider choosing ABS+ if you want to acetone smooth your prints, have engineering requirements, or like the specific finish it provides. We also recommend building an enclosure for your printer for optimum results.

eSun ABS+ filament has been tested thoroughly in our Ultimaker's and found it is of good quality and consistency.  It will work natively in your Ultimaker with the stock ABS settings.  No additional customization is needed.  


eSun ABS+ comes in 1kg spools so you have more material per spool vs. OEM 750gr spools, but due to it's size, a larger spool holder is recommended for your Ultimaker 2+.  It will fit the 2nd position on the Ultimaker 3 native spool holder.  

Download and print this 1kg Spool holder for your Ultimaker 2+:  Spool Holder (.stl)

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